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17 easy ways students can go green

Everyone including students has a role to play in ensuring that planet earth is habitable. According to a thesis editing expert, the issue of global warming and natural disaster happening all over the world is a wake-up call that humans need to take seriously.

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So how can students go green considering their busy schedule and academic challenges? It is simple. Here are easy ways to go green as a student.

  1.    Use electronic gadgets for note taking

Note taking with books have been going on for ages. But have you thought about the numbers of trees fell on a daily basis to satisfy the high demand for books? Think about the high population of students in the world and the number of books wasted on a daily basis. But we can change all that by going green.

So, if you are serious about going green, start taking notes with an electronic gadget. You can use your Smartphone, laptop or Android phone. Install apps like Evernote, NoteBook, Microsoft Word or any other similar apps in your device.

  1.    Avoid the use of plastic

Make an effort to keep plastic out of landfills. You can do that by spending a few dollars more to purchase an attractive reusable water bottle. You will have to refill from home and carry it when going to school. You can also refill on campus, as most colleges have filtered water fountains which are perfect for this.

  1.    Shut down your appliances when not in use

Many prefer to place their system on hibernation so they can quickly put it on whenever they want. While this can help to save time, you will not achieve your mission of going green.

The ideal thing to do is to shut down your computer when not in use, as this will not only help you to money but conserving energy. You should also turn off the bulbs, fan, television and other appliances in your room that consumes power.

  1.    Use energy saving bulbs

Change all the bulbs in your apartment to energy saving bulbs. They are less expensive and would conserve energy too. Plus you will save money on energy bills.

  1.    Avoid the use of straw

You should avoid the use of plastic straw. When you visit a restaurant, you can either drink from the bottle or glass directly or buy reusable stainless steel or even a glass straw. Understand that plastic straws are not eco-friendly.

  1.    Place food item in reusable container or bag

Buy and store food items in reusable containers or bag. Avoid unnecessary packaging done with materials like plastic that are not eco-friendly.   

  1.    Make use of natural sunlight

Why turn on the bulbs when sunshine can brighten up your room? Using sun energy during the day will benefit you. It will reduce the amount of energy you consume when artificial light is used. Even if you are using energy-saving bulbs, it does not matter.

  1.    Carry your bag along when going shopping

If you can’t use a reusable container to store items when you purchase things from the grocery store, then always remember to go with your plastic bag. Do not always request for a new plastic bag as this will only increase the amount of plastic waste in the environment, which is not eco-friendly.

  1.    Allow your clothes to dry naturally

Using a cloth dryer to dry your cloth after washing is not eco-friendly. If you want to go green, the best option is to hang dry them.

  1.     Pay bills online

You can request to pay your bills online to reduce paper wastage. You will not only save time but reduce the number of trees fell to produce paper.

  1.     Cut back your shower time

Two gallons of water is consumed anytime one spends two minutes taking a shower. So if you can cut down on water usage, you will save almost 730 gallons of water every single year even if you bath every day. S

  1.    Walk or bike to class

Walking or biking to class is an excellent exercise that the body needs. But in addition to the benefits you get from exercising, you will also cut down on gas wastage, air pollution and also save money.

  1.     Buy only things you need

Even if you have enough money to buy whatever you want, avoid it for the sake of the environment. Only buy stuff you will utilize to avoid increasing the amount of waste in the land.

  1.    Get e-books if you can

Advancement in technology has made it easier to buy and read books online. And surprisingly, most of the books in paper form can also be gotten online. So if you want to spare the lives of trees and go green, get books online instead of printed copies.

  1.     Use your old appliances for an extended period

Most people might mock you when they find that your computer, cell phone or other electronic gadgets are old or outdated, but that shouldn’t bother you. You will not only do yourself a favor by saving money. The environment also benefits from this act. You can also consider giving old electronics and other items out to other interested users instead of throwing them in the trash.

  1.     Make your cleaning products yourself

As a student, you will not only save money from making your personal cleaning supplies. It will help you to control the ingredients added to them, so air quality will not be affected. It will also save you from buying toxic products.

  1.     Double check before printing

You need to check repeatedly to make sure there is no error in your homework or paper while it’s still on the computer before printing. Even if you are using an expert that writes myessaywriting.com, be sure the work is done to satisfaction before you print them out to reduce paper wastage.


These are some of the ways students can go green. Even if you are working in an office, you can still follow them to make planet earth habitable for everyone. The bottom line is to do things that are eco-friendly. In other words, whenever you go shopping or make use of things, do not make sure that they are eco-friendly but useful to you.

Author: Alice Yoon

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