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15 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse 2008 photo/ Fionn Kidney

Amy Winehouse was an English songwriter and singer. She was born on September 14th, 1983 and died on July 23rd, 2011. Her career flourished between 1997 to 2011. Her album the Frank was what brought her to the limelight. Which she released it in 2003. This album enabled her to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. Three years later she released her second album Back to Black leading to her winning five Grammy awards. In the history of British female artist’s, she was the first to win five Grammy awards in a single night.

In addition, Amy won Ivor Novello awards three times. However, with all this much success Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning. But, do you know Amy Winehouse? I bet there are facts about her that you don’t know. In this article, I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Amy, sourced on TheStickyFacts.com, that you didn’t know before.

  1. Where was Amy Born?

Amy was born in Chase Farm Hospital in North London. Her parents were Jewish, Mitchell Winehouse and Janis Winehouse father and mother respectively. Mitchell was a taxi driver and window panel installer while Janis was a pharmacist.

  1. Where Did She Attend School?

The Winehouse family lived in Southgate area in London. Amy went Osidge primary school. However, later after discovering her talent she joined Susi Earnshaw Theatre School where she went only on Saturday’s. She attended Susi in order to make her vocals better and to learn tap dance. She went to Susi for four years before joining a group of girls known as the Sweet ‘n’ Sour. After joining the group, she requested to join Sylvia Young Theatre School to pursue her career on a regular basis.

At fifteen she was expelled from Sylvia. However, Amy also attended the following schools, Mount School, Mill Hill, Osidge JMI School, Ashmole School, and BRIT school in Selhurst.

  1. What Genre Did Amy Sing?

During her glittering career, Amy did different genres. To me, this was fascinating because she was talented and produced cool music in whatever genre she sang. The following are the genres that Amy did. They include Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Neo soul, Reggae, Soul, Blued-Eyed Soul, and R&B.

  1. What Instruments Did Winehouse Play?

I am usually in love with playing a different instrument or learning playing new instruments. I know you also like playing or listening to a certain instrument played. However, for Amy, she knew to play different instruments such as Guitar, Drums, and vocals.

  1. Did You Know Her Family Was Musically Talented?

Many of Amy’s uncles were professional jazz musicians. While her grandmother was a singer and dated Ronnie Scott an English jazz saxophonist. In addition, her father usually sang Frank Sinatra’s songs to Amy. The grandmother and parents encouraged Amy to pursue music as a career.

  1. Her Parents Separated While She was Young

Some situations in life happen without our knowledge. While Amy was nine years her parents separated. During the week she stayed with her mother while on weekends she stayed with her father and her girlfriend in Essex.

  1. When did she get Her First Guitar?

It’s the dream of any kid or an adult to own his or her instrument. However, sometimes this becomes a challenge to acquire one. Amy used to play her brother’s Alexa guitar. Nonetheless, when she was fourteen she owned her first guitar and began writing music while she was fifteen.

After some months she began working so as to sustain her needs. Once, she worked as an entertainment journalist for World Entertainment News Network. In mid-2000, she was featured as a female artist with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

  1. When Did She Release Her First Album?

It is a dream comes true for every artist to release an album. For Amy, she released her first album by the name Frank in October 20th, 2003. The album was produced by Remi Salaam and many songs in the album were influenced by jazz. This album helped her rise to fame. This is because it was well received by fans globally.

However, three years later she released her second album known as Back to Black. This album hit more positive reviews. It also in number one in Billboard for a number of weeks.

  1. How Many Awards and Nominations Did She Win During Her Glittering Career?

It’s the wish of everyone to be recognized no matter what you do. For Winehouse during her music career, she was awarded several times. Not only being awarded but also received various nominations for her charming music. The awards she received include:

         Six Grammy awards

         Four Ivor Novello

         Four MTV Europe Music Awards

         One MOBO Awards

         Three World Music Awards

         Three MTV Video Music Awards

In total, she received sixty nominations and won twenty-three awards.

  1. What Was Her Favorite Color and Food?

It’s sometimes funny for some of us who don’t have anything favorite in our lives. If you don’t have anything favorite then it’s time for you to have one. This was, however, different for Amy. Amy’s favorite color was black while her favorite food was Junk food.

  1. Do You Know Amy’s Close Friends?

I think now you know more about Amy but do you know her close friends? I don’t think so. Having a friend is considered healthy and it is always advisable to have one. The best friends of Amy were Kelly Osbourne and Remi Wilson.

  1. What Was Her Religion?

Born of a Jewish family, Amy attended some Jewish classes hence became a Jew. However, in an interview, she said that being a Jew was not her wish but was forced by her father and only went to the synagogue once a year.  

  1. Was Amy Gay or Straight?

To many being gay or straight is a non-issue for them. However, for Amy, she was neither gay nor straight. Then what was she? I know you are asking yourself this. Amy was Bisexual. I know you didn’t know this but now you know.

  1. What was her Nickname?

I know you have a nickname or you desire to have one. A nickname sometimes makes your personality unique. Amy Winehouse’s nickname was Wino. What a cool nickname I know you want one like this but doesn’t copy Amy’s.

  1. What Did She Die of and Where?

Dying at an early age is usually tragic. Amy died while she was 27 years. She died of alcohol poisoning in July 23rd, 2011 at Camden, London. I know it’s surprising but she had a glittering career that any upcoming musician would wish for.

Author: Jenny Pattison

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