Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

15 Craft Business Ideas for 2017 for WL

Well, what do you know? 2017 is just around the corner and while many of us are looking out to fireworks and whiskeys most of us are definitely planning on making this year count by working more along with lots of whiskey and enjoyment.

While making a resolution is plan easy, carrying it out, implementing it is rather difficult and requires hard work and passion. What better way is there than to invest that passion in doing something that you like with rewards attached.

Italy is known to have a rich and an interesting history when it comes to arts and crafts and Italian crafts are always in demand. Let us have a look at 15 best craft business ideas to get you started.

Handmade kitchen gloves

You can always start with the handmade kitchen gloves add the labels and sell them on Etsy or any other online selling platform. The material for it can be bought from the market and buying in large amounts would get you discounts. Of course, with creativity added, you can sell them at good prices. People prefer creativity along with quality nowadays and few markets these days sell both at a reasonable price.

photo Simon Dean Media via Flickr

Handmade Jewelry

If you don’t want to go to with the hand made kitchen gloves you can always go with handmade jewelry. It is not only interesting but creative too. Many people out there adore Italian crafts, especially our elite class. What are the chances they couldn’t like handmade jewelry?

Drapes and curtains

If you enjoy interior designing, you’d better get going. Start designing curtains and drapes today.

Italian wear: Dresses

Awaken your inner fashion designer this coming year and make cash. You can design dresses sitting at home and sell them via Facebook or perhaps your blog.

Handmade Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are forever love. You can buy leather and create artsy and designer jackets that are sold in no other outlets.


Many of us, are big suckers for hats. You can craft beanies or Borsalinos. Handmade borsalinos too are of great demand too in Italy.

Silk/Chiffon Italian Scarfs

Making dreamy Italian scarfs is the next best thing in the world. Scarfs are a requirement where there are coats or jackets worn.


Being a woman or a man you probably know the utmost importance of handbags or wallets.


Whether the winters are coming or not. Gloves are considered an important hand wears too many ladies and men who ride bikes. You’ll be doing them a great favor as well as your pocket.


If all seems vain, you may as well knit socks and sell them. A lot of people love handmade socks as they keep you warm. You can make them in order.

Artsy Masks

Isn’t mask making a popular trend of Venice? They indeed make perfect gifts for wear or decoration too. Besides, they make great traditional Italian crafts.

Couch Cushions

You can either make handmade knitted cushions or silk ones in an Italian way.  Everyone loves a little Italian in their lives.

Italian Quilts

People are heads over heels in love with Italian quilts. Why not? Everyone like to show off once in a while. After-all they carry class.


If you know weaving there’s a good chance you can weave some amazing carpets and earn good money and who knows 2017 might be a lucky year.


Yes, you can always craft beautiful handkerchiefs and sell them away at good prices. Nothing too expensive nothing too cheap.

Author: Brandon King





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