Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

13 good reasons to spend your summer in Gozo

Gozo is a small island hidden in Malta and is part of the 21 Maltese archipelagos. It is slowly gaining momentum as one of the go-to vacation destinations especially during the summer to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean feel all around; from the architecture to the environment.

Blue waters

During the summer, there is usually too much heat. The blue waters of Gozo provide a form of relief as you enjoy the beautiful waters which have become a go-to activity while in Gozo.

Nearly deserted beaches

The population in Gozo is approximately 30,000 meaning the beaches are not packed giving you privacy and freedom without having to bump into everybody. This is an addition to the view one gets of the picturesque sandy beaches of Gozo.

photo/ JanneG via pixabay

Beautiful sunsets and sunrise

The island offers a 3600 coastline with a phenomenal view of the sandy beaches and the blue and clear waters. During summertime, there is a direct view of the sunrise and sunset especially when it reflects on the water. Some views have to be seen in person and this is one of them.

Beautiful tourist sites and activities

They vary from beautiful churches to vineyards and resorts to the temples and the waters that bring tourists from all over the world. For an island of this size, Gozo offers quite a wide variety of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, walks on the beach, hiking, deep sea diving, and paddle boats

Rich culture

The locals of Gozo are very friendly and bubbly. This energy is infectious and given the fact that the inhabitants migrated from so many parts of the world and live together provides an exposure to rich culture. Learning new things about the locals adds to the awe of the island.

The architecture of the buildings

Gozo has constructed decades and centuries ago. It, therefore, resembles an old town and its well-maintained structures are a sight for sore eyes. The island gives off a Mediterranean vibe and standing on the walls of the Citadel in Victoria, you have a view of the whole island.

photo/ Neve Nera

An inland sea

The island is surrounded by water but still has an inland sea which is always calm enough for you to paddle about. Alternatively, you could swim right inside the cave and enjoy the swell coming through the channel. It also offers a nice spot for relaxation.

Unique rock formations

The kinds of rocks one sees in Gozo are very unique. So unique that movies shoot in the area such as some episodes of Game of Thrones. These rocks are very beautiful and are a must see.

A natural lagoon

The lagoon on this island is called Blue Lagoon which is natural and the water is very blue and beautiful hence the name Blue Lagoon.

Enjoy the wildflowers

The flowers that bloom during the summer are very beautiful. They bloom into beautiful different colors such as purple and yellow. It may not sound as exciting as swimming in lagoons but once you see it, you will understand the beauty of it.

History of the island

The island is centuries old. Some stories have linked the island to various Greek Mythologies. The only way to learn its history well, travel to Gozo where the tour guides of friendly locals will be more than willing to share their history.

Gozo festa

This festival runs annually during the summer where all persons come together to have religious celebrations. There are usually fireworks which provide a wonderful view together with bands matching and decorating churches.

Tuk Tuks

Gozo now has tuk tuk tours as well. You can explore the Gozo gems on a slow, relaxed tuk tuk tour, enjoying the island’s best kept secret spots. If you visit Gozo for 1 day only, opt of the 3 hour tour that takes you to the main attractions on the island including Dwejra, Xlendi and the Capital City Victoria.

These reasons are enough to convince you to pack your bags and go to catch the next plane boarding to visit Gozo for your summer holidays.

Author: Elena Tahora

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