Published On: Sun, Feb 24th, 2019

11 Jobs You Can Do If You Want to Be Self Employed

Being a subordinate isn’t for everyone. Some individuals simply don’t thrive under the direction of others. If you’re the kind of person who works best when calling the shots, consider self-employment.

The options for self-employment careers are virtually endless. You can make money from doing pretty much anything you set your mind to as long as you have a good idea and the passion and funds to keep it going. As you contemplate jobs that will act as a catalyst to employment freedom, here are some ideas:

  1. Carpentry

A skilled trade is very popular, simply because it’s something not everyone can do. Carpentry was rated by SmartAsset as the sixth best job for those seeking self-employment. With a median income of more than $40,000 and projected job openings of more than 169,100 per year, it’s a career worth considering!

  1. Food Service Manager

Number four on SmartAsset’s list is food service managers, a.k.a. owners of restaurants and catering services. This industry is incredibly competitive and hard to penetrate, but once you’ve established a restaurant with good food, you can expect a salary of nearly $50,000 and great respect among community members.

  1. Social Media Consultant

Indeed.com ranks social media specialist jobs among the top five jobs for self-employed individuals. All businesses are using social media for marketing their jobs, but few know how to manipulate the system for their own gains, making consultants a hot-ticket item. You’ll make about $15 per hour, and get to play on social media all day long.  

  1. Instagram Influencer

Rather than working for others on social media, consider working for yourself. If you have a dedicated following on Instagram, and you’re on the platform multiple times daily, turn it into a job. Instagram influencers are paid to promote brands and products on their profiles. The pay will be low at first, but with time, you can quit your day job and do this full time.

  1. Real Estate

Real estate agents set their own hours and are in charge of their own success. If you’re self-motivated, charismatic, salesy, and interested in property, get your license and find a broker who will hire you. The average real estate agent makes about $48,000 per year, a comfortable living for such a fun, flexible job.

  1. Videographer

Personalized videos that capture special moments (such as weddings, births, birthdays, etc.) are in high demand. If you have filming experience and the right equipment, you can make about $32 per hour shooting and editing these videos for your clients.

  1. Event Planner

Are you super organized and full of good ideas? Event planning might be a good fit. Whether you do personal events like birthday parties and weddings or more professional functions like corporate awards ceremonies, you can enjoy a creative outlet with an average salary of $35,000-$50,000 per year.

  1. Resume Writer

Everybody needs a good resume, but few know how to write one. They prefer to outsource this job to the expert—and that could be you. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You simply need a series of tried and true templates and writing skills. It sounds artless, but it’s in high demand given that many don’t have the writing or design skills necessary to compose an adequate resume.

  1. English Teacher

Families in countries where English is not the native language will pay to be taught English online. Through platforms like VIPKid or Emersion Learning, you can be an independent contractor teaching kids online. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience is preferred, but not required. The hours are odd, but the pay can reach as much as $22 per hour, making it a great option if you want a good paycheck with short hours.

  1. Crafter

Take the crafts you make in your spare time and sell them. There are dozens of online platforms (including Etsy, eBay, and Amazon) that are set up to support budding entrepreneurs such as yourself. You can also sell crafts through your own website, online garage sales, local craft and vendor shows, and nationwide trade shows.

  1. Property Manager

Property and real estate management was the number one job on SmartAsset’s list of top 25 jobs. The average income is over $54,000, and it’s projected to grow at a rate of 8.1 percent, much faster than average. It’s flexible and in high demand thanks to renters all over the nation.

Author: Anna Johansson

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