Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2019

10K British Women Think Meghan Markle Should Feed Her Baby Like This

Go natural, Meghan!

85% of British mothers urge the Duchess of Sussex to ditch the bottle and breastfeed the royal baby


  • 10,000 mums were asked if Meghan Markle should breastfeed or bottle feed
  • 85% believe she should ditch the bottle for the breast – just like Kate Middleton
  • Many said she could end the shaming of ‘going natural’ in public and believe the royal baby will benefit health-wise
  • Bottle-feeding supporters feel she could remove the stigma and guilt among mothers who can’t or choose not to breastfeed


photo/ Northern Ireland Office, 2018

Britain’s mothers have urged Meghan Markle to breastfeed her royal baby.

A specially commissioned survey of 10,000 mums across the UK, on pregnancy to pre-school website MyBump2Baby, revealed that they think royal mum-to-be should ditch the bottle and breastfeed her baby – just like Kate Middleton and Princess Diana.

The website’s managing director Carla Lett said: ‘Mums voice was loud and clear – 85% believe she should breastfeed.

‘I personally feel that Meghan should do what is best for her and not feel pressured in to either option. Of course, there are many benefits when it comes to breastfeeding but not every mum is able to breastfeed.

‘I see benefits on both sides as it would be great if Meghan could “normalise” the breastfeeding in public because I feel mums should be comfortable feeding their baby wherever they want, on the other side of the coin it would help make mums feel less guilty if they saw her with a bottle instead of the breast. I just hope that whatever she decides will be best for her and her baby, I am a firm believer in happy mum, happy baby.’

Michelle said: ‘I said yes as I think it would be great to see a royal whipping her boob out in public making that more normal.’

Claire added: ‘I think you should just do whatever’s best for you and baby. Yes it’s best but breastfeeding is bloody hard and very demanding. I mostly get annoyed at someone’s decision being shamed by someone who “knows better”.’

Emma wrote: ‘She should do what she wants to and not get judged it’s really sad it should be a debate these days as long as baby is fed and happy that’s what matters everyone else should mind their own business.

‘I wanted to breastfeed but my son came so quickly he had facial compression so wouldn’t take the boob.

‘He just went on the bottle and he was happy and healthy. Not once did I let anyone make me feel I failed cause I didn’t breastfeed”.

Debbie saw both sides of the debate. She said: ‘I started breastfeeding and then fell ill due to my C-Section getting infected and due to medication I had to stop, which I was gutted about.

‘I do think Meghan should breastfeed but my point is that sometimes things happen out of our control so if she doesn’t breastfeed people can’t then judge because they don’t know what is going on behind closed doors.’

GirlinPink remarked: ‘Difficult question really, obviously pros and cons on both sides but I think it would be great for us mums if she was seen feeding the baby full stop.’

Of the 25% who said Meghan shouldn’t breastfeed, some said it would remove the stigma of guilt to mothers who choose not to, or are unable to.

Amy wrote: ‘I think she should bottle feed – this will help remove mum guilt for mums who are unable to breastfeed for various reasons.’

Sophie said: ‘Breastfeeding isn’t for me. I didn’t want to breastfeed either of my children so I always stuck to bottle fed from the day they were born, I find there is a lot of pressure on women to breastfeed and I think each to their own as long as baby is being fed, is healthy and happy that is all that matters, I don’t think it matters breast or bottle.

Lactation consultant Ros McFadden believes new mothers need to know the differences between breast milk and formula milk.

She said: ‘Anyone has the right to decide how they feed their baby and it isn’t anyone else’s business, as such how they do that. What is important that they are able to make informed choices.

‘As a health professional this is part of our code of conduct. So as long as a mother is fully informed about the risks of formula; sensitising to allergy, introducing cow DNA to the infant gut which will enter there system and trigger parts of the infant DNA to an inflammatory reaction, such as a baby acne, reflux, colic, CMPA.

‘Infants are at greater risk of asthma, eczema, gastroenteritis, ear infection, obesity, diabetes to name a few.  Now this isn’t about scare tactics we make informed decisions about our health all the time, some drink alcohol, some smoke.

‘Formula is a baby food but breastmilk and breastfeeding is much more than a food. I always say I am here to support mothers however they choose to feed their babies to do this in the safest best way possible to protect their babies health as best they can.

‘So, yes, I think Meghan Markle would be wise to breastfeed and I hope she gets support to do so if that is her wish. It is natural, yes, but it isn’t easy. If she chooses to bottle feed I hope this is her choice and not because this is what the Royals do.”

With some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, around a fifth of babies in the UK are never given their mother’s milk. This compares to an average of just 4 per cent in low-income countries, according to the World Health Organisation.

MyBump2Baby’s Ms Lett said she had no choice but to bottle feed her son, who was premature. She revealed her guilt may have caused her postnatal depression.

She said: ‘My son George came seven weeks early – it was a very traumatic experience and after his birth I was told continuously that it is “extremely important” he gets the colostrum in to his system but my milk never came no matter how hard I tried.

‘I actually spent my first week hooked up to a machine trying to get milk but no luck. I instantly felt like I had failed him as a parent and I am almost certain that contributed to my postnatal depression.’

Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton breastfed all three of their babies, but recently admitted it was a struggle.

The Duchess of Cambridge bonded with fellow mothers over their parenting experiences during her visit to Ballymena in February.

Kate, who is mum to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, chatted to parents at the St Joseph’s SureStart facility, where she praised mothers who had overcome their “’struggle’ with breastfeeding.

Speaking after the visit, one mother, Rebecca White, said: ‘They were really encouraging about breastfeeding. They said we were all doing a good job, that it was really hard, it was a struggle and well done for keeping going.’

MyBump2Baby is the UK’s fastest growing pregnancy – preschool family directory. The brand presents thousands of classes, groups, events, and businesses to busy parents looking for something within their local area. Combining its extensive directory with a refreshingly honest blog, carefully selected product reviews and the launch of an innovative app, MyBump2Baby is the go-to place for all things pregnancy, baby, toddler and family related.

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