Published On: Sat, Nov 30th, 2019

10 Unique Gifts to Give This Christmas

With Christmas approaching at a scarily fast rate, it’s high time you started thinking about what gifts to get for your loved ones. 

When there are Christmas and birthdays to think about every year, with each occasion it gets more difficult to find a gift that is unique and still fits that person to a T. Instead of reaching for one size fits all gifts, that you could get anyone to save the hassle, take the time to discover the gift that will make their Christmas unforgettable. 

Finding that perfect gift will take more time and effort, but it’s the thought that counts, as they say.

To help you on your search, take some inspiration from this list of great gifts.


  • Adult Coloring Book 


Coloring books aren’t just for children anymore. There is a whole collection to choose from, ranging from those inspired by TV shows, movies and books, and more classic ones with images of animals, gardens or the ocean. For a creative friend, an adult coloring book would make a sweet gift that shows you know exactly what they’re all about.


  • Personalized Teas


If you have a friend who loves tea of any kind, traditional breakfast tea, herbal teas, green teas, then a set of personalized tea bags would make a thoughtful gift. A gift basket of tea handpicked by you shows just how much you appreciate them. 

photo/ Arek Socha


  • Ancient Fossils


For any historian or collector, real fossils would make an ideal present. With so many different types of fossils out there, you can find one that will suit the gift receiver perfectly. From dinosaur fossils to geodes to jewelry with fossils inside, even if this is their first fossil, there is a fossil for everyone to enjoy. 


  • Homemade Hand Soaps


There aren’t many people who relish in getting soap for their birthday or for Christmas, but a homemade selection would make it all the more special. You can choose the scents they like best, whether its lavender, citrus, or something muskier, and set them in their favorite colors too. You can personalize homemade hand soaps to the max and show all the thought you have put into their gift. 


  • Photograph Collage


Most people take photos, but nowadays, it’s rare to print them. Create a collage of all the memories you have shared together and frame them to finish it off. Polaroid photographs look great in a collage, and it’s easy enough to edit or manipulate any digital photo to look like one. 


  • Succulent Plant


What could be more thoughtful than the gift of life? Succulent plants lighten up any room and they last significantly longer than flowers, if you look after them right. A small cactus or succulent makes a cute gift for any friend or family member. You could even get them a vase or pot to match and complete the giftset – but remember to tell them how to look after it! 


  • Personalized Jewelry


Jewelry always goes down a treat at any occasion but adding a touch of personalization takes it to the next level. Having the recipients name engraved in the necklace or bracelet you gift them will make it truly theirs and it shows the thought and love you have put into the gift. They will treasure the gift forever, especially now that their name is on it. 


  • Pet Blueprint 


Anyone with a pet loves their pet more than anything. Play to their love and gift them a sophisticated piece of art that is also a blueprint of their precious animal. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a horse, there is a blueprint that will fit their pet. 


  • Framed Poster


An easy target for gifts is someone’s favorite TV show, movie or even sport. If you are struggling for ideas, stay safe with a framed poster of your friend or family member’s favorite sport stadium. It can make for a sleek piece of home décor or a personal touch to their bedroom. Whichever you choose, they’ll love it either way. 


  •  Subscription Box 


There are subscription boxes for just about anything nowadays. Whether your friend is into makeup, books, clothes, or sports magazines, you can find a subscription box that will fit them. If you gift them a six month or yearly subscription, they’ll think of you every time they receive it. 

The perfect gift depends on the person who is receiving it. You know your friend or family member best, so trust your gut, and you’ll make them as happy as ever. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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