Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2018

10 Surprising Truths you didn’t know about Juicing

The juicing health craze has been dominating for quite some time now. With the increasing health awareness and dieting obsession, everyone is looking forward to transforming their lives by stocking up juicer machines in their kitchens.

Read on below to for some surprising facts and myths about juicing that you surely had never heard of.

photo/ Silvia (Silviarita) via pixabay


  • Juice cannot replace a meal


A juice is a healthy way to cleanse your body two or three times a day, but according to researchers, it can never be a complete replacement to a proper meal. When you prepare juice, usually the solid protein is left out as a residue, making the liquid just a complement to your diet.


  • Juices don’t really flush out the toxins


A very common myth that we have been blindly following since years is that juices help remove toxins from our system. In fact, our own system does the job. Follow a healthy diet and routine, your organs will do all the rest.


  • Juicing can sometimes give you extra vitamins


Although the nutrients that a glass of juice can give you is worth all the efforts but sometimes, they can be excess for your body leading to unnecessary urinations and flushing out.


  • Fresh Juice or Preserved?


When you stick to in-taking only fresh juices, you’d realise a far greater change in your body. Because, freshly squeezed juices have a 60% less sugar than the packaged ones. In addition, no preservatives!


  • An easier way to eat vegetables


We all know some veggies are way out of our taste buds. But don’t worry, you can get the same protein by squeezing them into a glass of fresh juice along with your regular meals. Make sure to take the necessary fibers that you tend to loose in the juicing process.  


  • A great alternative to fizzy and high-calorie drinks


Fresh juices are a perfect substitute if you looking to run away from beverages and sodas. They are rich in nutrients and have comparatively less sugar and calories. Next time when you are craving for a coke, you know what to do.


  • It keeps you hydrated


Juicing is a perfect way to maximise your fluid intake in case if you belong in the category of people who forget to drink water. Since it is 80% water itself, juice will do the job of keeping you hydrated and healthy.


  • Should you be scraping off the peel?


Plenty of fruits and vegetables have the nutrients that lie in their skin. You could be wasting a ton of vitamins simply by peeling the skin off. If it is an organic product, make sure to properly wash and use the peel along with the fruit. Else, discard if it is an inorganic one.


  • So, whose skin to keep?


A number of them including apple, pears, beets, plums, cucumbers, pepper, eggplant, grapes, kiwis, watermelon, ginger, carrots, bananas and peaches.


  • Which ones to avoid?


A few of them that you must always peel off before juicing are:

  • Lemons
  • Grapefruits and Oranges
  • Pumpkin
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mangoes

Author: Edna Francis

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