Published On: Sun, Jul 18th, 2021

10 Simple Steps to Find the Best Medical Health Insurance

In today’s world, each individual understands the importance of ensuring the financial and emotional security of their families. The world around is full of uncertainty and threats to our lives. So, it makes sense put some funds aside for a rainy day. Medical health insurance policies are an excellent way to establish a financial safety net against one of the most significant sources of financial troubles – medical emergencies. 

These plans come with a variety of benefits and at different premium rates, making it difficult for policy buyers to choose the right medical health insurance plan.

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Hence, we have compiled a list of tips which can come in handy when you buy medical health insurance in India. Let’s have a look at them:

Look for the Right Coverage

Coverage plays a vital role in the selection of a plan. The insurance you choose should be able to cover the financial need in case of uncertainty. One can get accurate information by going through the policy documents. 

So, one should always check whether the policy meets their needs before proceeding further with the purchase. Most of the health care insurance policies provide only for overnight hospitalization. It is in your best interest to go through the policy document carefully before buying the medical health insurance policy.

Check Your Affordability

Premium is also another critical factor. The premium you choose must be pocket friendly as this can affect your budget. Buying a reasonably priced health cover is a wise decision. There is always a chance to upgrade the plan according to ones changing needs.

Family Medical Health Insurance Policies

Family medical health insurance policies are the best way to secure the family. One can enjoy maximum benefits at an affordable price. Reputable insurance providers like Care Health Insurance provide a variety of such policies to cater to diverse profiles. 

Always Select a Plan Which Has Lifetime Renewability

While purchasing medical health insurance policies, one must check the tenure which the policy covers. A medical health insurance plan is needed the most in the later stages of life. Hence one must check with the renewing process and choose a plan which offers lifetime renewability.

Comparing The Quotes Online

Before proceeding with the purchase, one must always compare different plans available online. This gives a clear understanding of the premium coverage tenure and other aspects. You can match your needs to find an apt policy. Always collect data on the best quotes to further compare them.

Hospital Coverage

One must always check if the plan they have chosen includes their preferred hospital or doctor. It is always good to select an insurance company that has a vast network of hospitals worldwide. This gives you the convenience of cashless settlement.

Claim Settlement Ratio

This ratio refers to the number of claims an insurance provider settled. One must thoroughly check the settlement history of the company. In general, it is wise to choose a company that has a high claim settlement ratio.

Do Not Forget About the Riders

Riders provide extra coverage with your policy. The most important tip is to add riders that fit your needs. Critical illness cover is one of the most common riders offered by health insurers in India. You can find other riders with specific benefits with different medical health insurance policies.  

Understanding Your Needs

Every person has different financial needs and health history for which they require coverage. There is no single plan that can fit each individual’s needs. So, one must always analyze their needs before purchasing a plan.

Alternative Treatments

Some insurance companies do not provide alternative treatments such as Ayurvedic, homoeopathy etc. Hence one must check with the policy terms and conditions to see if alternative therapies are covered, if you need it.

Now that you have read all the tips, research thoroughly to decide on a plan. The golden rule is to start earlier in life. You can also enjoy tax exemptions when you buy a medical health insurance policy in India, according to the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

Author: Colin Steinway

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