Published On: Wed, Apr 4th, 2018

10 Signs of Pest Infestations To Look for When House Hunting

The house buying process can be very stressful. The last thing you need is to move into your home only to discover it has a pest problem. Luckily, you can avoid this by being diligent about looking for signs of a pest infestation while looking for your next home. The following are ten signs to look for that signal there is a pest issue going on in a home.

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Sign #1: Bugs

Obviously, if you see a bug in the home, it is a clear sign something is up. Dead bugs are also an issue. They could be proof of a recent problem that was just taken care of, meaning the problem could pop up again in the future.

Sign #2: Droppings

Dropping are another clear indicator bugs are present in the home. Look around baseboards and corners.

Sign #3: Nests

Take a quick moment to peak in areas where pests may make nests. Any signs of nesting is a warning.

Sign #4: Marks

Keep an eye out for gnaw marks or entrance holes where pests may get into the home. These are clear signs you will soon be asking people to help find exterminators near me.

Sign #5: Ant Hills

Take a look when you are outside for ant hills. These are a great way to know if ants will be an issue.

Sign #6: Dark Marks

Look over walls and baseboards for dark marks, which can be trails of pests. They often leave behind markings that show how they get in and where they go once inside.

Sign #7: Odd Smells

If your nose is picking up something odd, then do more checking. Weird smells could indicate pest issues.

Sign #8: Breeding Areas

Around the home, look for spots where pests may flourish, such as trash piles, dumpsters, wood piles, or standing water. Eliminating such issues is a top thing for pest control for homes.

Sign #9: Wood Issues

Look at any exposed wood for signs on termites, such as droppings or holes. Check unexposed wood for squeaking, sagging or hollow sounds.

Sign #10: Plant Damage

Look at plants and trees outside. Generally, if they are infested, the home will be too.

Being proactive and watching out for signs of a pest infestation is part of smart home shopping. However, sometimes no matter how well you check out a home, there is a hidden issue. If you do end up fighting pests in your new home, then please contact Terminix today.

Author: Zainab Sheikh

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