Published On: Sun, Oct 6th, 2019

10 reasons why restaurants should upgrade to a cloud POS

A restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system acts as a powerhouse for any establishment. Ever since technology has taken over, there has been a shift from traditional POS systems to cloud-based ones. If you’re still using the traditional methods, you might want to change to a cloud-based POS system because of the many advantages that it has to offer. 

Understanding cloud POS system

Before jumping to the benefits, let’s try and first understand what a cloud POS is and how is it different from the traditional POS systems. 

A cPOS is the new-age Point Of Sale system that does way more than just printing Kitchen Order Tickets and bills. This system is well-integrated with features like Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty Programs and much more. With cloud POS systems there is less time wastage and manual labor is greatly reduced. It gives you complete visibility on all restaurant staff and their respective activities.   

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Traditional POS systems and the shift 

The scene at the restaurant was different a few years back. Servers would manually note down orders from each table and run back to the main POS system to punch in those orders and print a KOT. They would then take the printed KOTs and place it over the kitchen counters. This entire process involves high chances of human errors and a long wait-time for the customers. 

Traditional POS systems were bulky machines that stored data on local servers. Their function was limited to order punching and printing. With heavy up-front costs, these systems came with a huge risk of data loss and security issues. With the changing restaurant trends and fast pace, these legacy systems were continuously proving to be less efficient. That’s when the need of shifting to cloud Point Of Sale systems arose. 

10 benefits of using a cloud POS system in your restaurant

There are numerous benefits of using a cloud-based Point of System. Let’s look at the 10 most compelling ones. 


  • Highly secure


Data security was one of the biggest issues in traditional POS systems. In cloud POS systems, all data is stored on the cloud, making it safe. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing your data in case of a system breakdown as all data can be easily backed-up. 


  • Quick software updates 


A cloud POS system updates regularly and in real-time. There is no need to manually update it time and again. This leaves zero scope for any upgrade costs. Software gets updated without disrupting the normal functioning of the system.


  • Data accessibility 


You can have access to your restaurant’s data from anywhere. A cloud POS doesn’t require you to be physically present at the restaurant. An active internet connection is what you need. Restaurant orders, employee shifts, cash and inventory management, etc., can be managed even from remote locations. This comes in handy when you’re traveling and want to remain updated on every restaurant activity. 


  • Works offline too


In many cloud POS systems, basic restaurant operations can be managed offline as well. A poor or no internet connection won’t disrupt your functioning. The data is synced automatically once you’re connected to the internet. 


  • Cost-effective 


Cloud POS systems have no heavy up-front costs that burn a hole in your pocket. The maintenance cost is also very low as compared to earlier systems. Typically, cloud-based Point of Sale systems come with a monthly subscription fee. 


  • A single platform with multiple features


All restaurant operations become simplified with the use of cloud POS systems. They come integrated with features like online ordering, table reservation, CRM solutions, Loyalty Programs and more. This helps in the acquisition of new customers and retention of old ones. 


  • Accurate reports and analytics


A cPOS system gives clear visibility on your restaurant’s sales, accounts, inventory, employee performance and more by providing simplified reports. Having an insight into these operations will let you identify where you’re going wrong and how to improve.  


  • Mobility 


This is one of the major benefits of having a cloud POS system at your restaurant. There are various handheld POS devices that you could use in any part of your restaurant. With a mobile POS system, servers can directly take orders at the tables and the kitchen staff is immediately notified of all incoming orders. This makes the process way faster. Unlike traditional systems, these devices are not bulky and easier to operate. 


  • Organized cash management


Daily expenses can be maintained in your cloud POS systems. All transactions and credits can be recorded. At the end of the day, you’ll have a clear picture of the cash influx happening at your restaurant. This also helps in reducing the possibility of theft at your restaurant. 


  •  Easy customization 


Cloud POS systems can be customized according to the kind of establishment you run. Whether you’re a fine dine or a packed bar, you can customize your Point of Sale system according to the restaurant’s needs and priorities. There’s potential growth in your restaurant’s productivity and sales once you’re well-equipped with a cloud POS system. 

Cloud POS as a way of increasing productivity

A modern-day restaurant deals with tons of orders in a day, both online and otherwise. This makes it necessary for restaurants to have a cloud-based POS system that automates the majority of operations, giving you time to focus better on every customer. Servers now directly punch in orders on their handheld POS systems and it reaches the Kitchen Display Screens immediately. The flow of orders is systematic and food is prepared at a faster rate. And faster the serving time, more is the productivity of your restaurant. 

Bringing it all together

In this article, we covered the following:

  • What is a cloud POS system
  • Traditional POS systems and the need to shift
  • Advantages of cloud POS systems
  • Role of cloud POS in increasing a restaurant’s productivity.  

Choosing a POS system for your restaurant is very crucial. Therefore it’s imperative that you do thorough research and choose a POS system that would work the best for you.

Author Bio – Devyani is a Content Marketer at LimeTray. She researches and writes about Restaurant Technology features and Management solutions.  

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