Published On: Tue, Sep 29th, 2015

10 Really Effective Ways to Save Extra $1000

It’s nice to sit on a couch and dream what you would do with extra $1000 if you had it. But money will not come to your wallet if you take no efforts for this. Basically, there are 2 ways: you can earn this $1000 or save it. Today we’ll talk about the 2nd option and discover realistic ways for saving money. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all the things you like and deny all the small pleasures. These ways are relatively painless and practicing them not only will help you to come up with good extra money, but to become smarter concerning your spending.

Pay Only for What you Want to Watch

Many Americans overspend on cable TV, but there are ways to watch what you like without paying more! Use different combinations, mix channels and pay only for what you really want to watch. Some combinations will cost you around $35 a month, while watching good movie channels vary from $8 to $15 per month.

Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Use

Paying for gym membership but forgot when you were in a gym last time? Subscribed for a magazine you don’t read so it just takes place on your table? Stop paying for things you don’t use. Review your monthly statements and cancel all the useless memberships and subscriptions.

Don’t Exclude Unexpected Expenses from the Budget

Many consumers complain that unexpected expenses break their budgets. Fortunately, if there’s an urgent need of financial assistance there are companies like Personal Money Service providing it. But it’s important to ask yourself if unexpected expenses are really so unexpected? Don’t forget to save for emergencies, and then you’ll not need borrowing money when unforeseen money problem arises.

Set the Day When You Don’t Spend Anything

Probably, you have heard many tips concerning making your lunch and coffee at home. Have you tried it? Skipping daily $3 coffee will save you $1000 a year. But you don’t need to cancel your habits completely, otherwise you’ll quit the idea of saving money very quickly. Just set one day in a week when you don’t spend anything extra.

Sell Your Stuff

Well, it won’t make you a millionaire but will help to get rid of unnecessary things and make some money. Offer your neighbors to make a garage sale together and like this, you’ll have more potential buyers. But check your town’s permitting rules first to prevent any violations because for sure, you don’t want to pay any part of your hard-earned money.

Benefit from Cash-Back Credit Cards

If you just turn your balance around then, unfortunately, no rewards will cover the interest you pay. If you don’t pay the balance every month you should look for a credit card with the lowest APR without focusing on rewards. Find a card that gives you at least 1% reward and offers bonuses in categories where you spend the most. Set a reminder to take an advantage of quarterly or monthly payments if the issuer makes you sign up for them.

photo TaxRebate.org.uk

photo TaxRebate.org.uk

Chose Take Away Instead of Dining In

If you can’t imagine your life without eating out then there’s an option for you. When you order take away, you usually get from 10 up to 20 percent discount. Also, you skip spending on a tip and most likely, you will not get back to the restaurant to order a dessert. That’s why it’s good both for your wallet and your physical shape.

Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Stop spending money on bottled water and keep in mind that when you buy it, you pay not only for the product itself but for the package also. The best thing you can do is to buy a water filter and make it a habit to fill one of empty bottles you have at home with water and take it with you every time you leave.

Sell Your Old Phone

If you have just upgraded to a newer model, don’t put your old phone in a box with old stuff. Instead of that, sell it and make some money! Electronic stores and cellular carriers have special trade-in programs which you can benefit from. Pay attention to virtual bazaars for old phones but don’t forget to shop around first since prices may vary significantly. Also, consider buying a used phone to save even more!

Create a Vegetarian Day

Retail beef prices still hold at record levels so eating it often may harm your budget. However, going vegetarian one day a week will not save you lots of money because fresh products can be expensive, but still you can lower your grocery bill by choosing beans and other plant-based foods.

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