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10 ideas of product that you can do from carbon fiber sheets by yourself

Carbon fiber is made up of closely bonded carbon atoms which form a long chain. The fibers are extremely stiff, strong, and light. Although carbon fiber composite has been known for over 50 years, nobody has managed to invent another material that is as widely used and trumps the unique properties of carbon fiber.

Since carbon fiber sheets offer some of the best the best stiffness to weigh ratios, they are suitable for making things like sports car bodies and some military gear. Cutting carbon fibers into Carbon fiber sheets can be a daunting task, while machining them is no walk in the park either. Here are some of the ways carbon fiber sheets are prepared.


Typically, Machining carbon fiber sheets require a routing method. For proper milling, higher spindle speeds and lower heat is ideal. Heat generation is minimized to protect carbon fiber from getting damaged. With proper cooling mechanism and the right velocity, carbon fiber sheets can be easily obtained from composite carbon fiber.


This method requires precision, diamond coatings are added to the process to minimize heat in machining carbon fiber sheets. Another way is using a waterjet which reduces the heat as well as cuts the carbon fiber with precision.

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Machining carbon fiber sheets with drilling is more challenging than the aforementioned processes. It generates a lot of heat and dust in the process. Hence, with the aid of a waterjet in addition to drilling reduces dust and heat.

Machining carbon fiber sheets is not an easy task and safety precautions are necessary to protect from any injury. Now that we know how carbon fiber sheets are obtained here are 10 products you can make yourself from carbon fiber sheets.

DIY easy phone cover:

One of the biggest modern age dilemma is phone covers. You cannot go unprotected with your expensive device. Making a phone cover at home is a fun project. Plus one use their creativity to alter the design for their own need. Remember to use safety precautions getting your hands dirty!

Carbon fiber is the ideal material for making a strong and protective phone cover. For this project you would require the following materials:

  1. Carbon fiber sheets
  2. A phone cover mold
  3. Plaster
  4. Epoxy glue
  5. Screwdriver 
  6. Hammer
  7. Vacuum 

Firstly, clean the phone cover inside out, then use paper cups to make a plaster mold of the phone. After the mold has hardened, rough out the mold properly. Then put the plaster mold onto a carbon fiber sheet. Make sure to cut the carbon fiber sheet a bit bigger than the mold. Use glue and wax paper to properly adhere the mold to the carbon fiber sheet. Then hammer it down hard so that the carbon fiber sheet takes shape. Obtain the plaster mold from the carbon fiber sheet case. Put it aside in a vacuum to dry out the epoxy. Rough out the edges properly, and voila you have a new strong phone case.

Sharp Knife

Not many people know how sharp carbon fiber sheets can be, when appropriately shaped. Carbon fiber blades can easily cut out paper and other relatively soft and fragile material. By using a glued carbon fiber sheet, and airing it with a hair dryer, one can circumvent the long waiting time which is required for carbon fibers to bond via glue. Then, use a heat presser to press the sheet and cut it in the appropriate shape. Use a drill and screwdriver to put holes in the carbon fiber sheet. Make sure that the handle you make for the knife is hard and strong. You can also add the blade from the carbon fiber sheet to your knife but remember to sharpen out the rough edges.

Car fenders:

Carbon fiber is the ideal material to be used in cars. In fact, the entire chassis of Formula One racing cars are made from Carbon fiber. It also holds the quality of providing aesthetically pleasing look, it conveys prestige on anybody owning any object made from it. For Car fenders, you need to obtain carbon fiber panels which are cut in larger pieces than the measurement of the car fender. Use a pressing machine to shape out the carbon fiber panel into a fender or body panel. Do not forget to use safety googles and gloves. Use a hairdryer to dry the epoxy glue or if you want to use a varnish. When the fender gets it shape use tools to properly install the fender to the car. The fender when fixed can then easily be customized to your likening.

Business Cards

Paper business cards are a thing of the past. Have you ever seen one made from carbon fiber? It looks so modern and gives prestige to its owner. Now is your time to stand out by presenting your unique cards which will leave a long-lasting impression. These cards can be made from 1mm thick carbon fiber sheets which have double sided gloss. You can use a pressing machine to cut out the sheet to your card size, or you can use scissors too, but machine work will be more precise. The writing on the cards can be done by any professional service.

Mini wallet

Now you flash your shiny, smart looking wallet at parties, bars, or any other social gatherings. The mini wallet can hold your credit cards and few dollar notes. This wallet includes two covers which are 1-2 mm in size and provide a neat look. You can easily make a mini wallet to your preference by milling and cutting carbon fiber sheets to the appropriate size. This could be done by DIY specialists, who can cut the carbon fiber sheets and later engrave your wallet to whatever you wish it to be.

Door Nameplates

Carbon fiber sheets are the perfect solution for making an original and unique looking nameplate for your office or your home. You need to prepare 1-1.5mm carbon fibers sheet and cut it with an angle grinder. In the end use a coat of clear varnish to provide the carbon fiber sheet a proper look and protect it from rain and UV light. You can use stickers or engrave your name onto the plate.

Guitar (Veneer)

Give your guitar an appealing makeover with some carbon fiber veneer details. They can be made from 0.5mm carbon fiber sheet which would be attached on the front and back with the epoxy adhesives. It is important to rough out the surface before applying glue. Another idea is to make the veneer display your name, logo, or stage name. This service is provided by many carbon fiber sheet suppliers.

Loudspeaker fronts

Carbon fiber is widely used in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers, most often as a thin veneer applied to the finished product. If you want a good look for your loudspeakers, use 0.5mm thick carbon fiber sheets. After cutting them to size, fix the sheet in the right place with epoxy adhesive and finish it off with a polyurethane coat. Carbon fiber sheets can be cut with the help of scissors. However, you can use a milling machine for more precision.

Key smart organizer

There are many organizers out there, but now you can make one at home too, with your own engraving and a customized design. You would require a handy person who is familiar with the tools needed to make this smart organizer. For making an organizer, prepare two symmetrically cut carbon fiber sheets that might have your name engraved or maybe if you want to engrave it later. Use two spacers of thickness for your thickest keys, a rubber “O” ring washer, 2 Screws and nuts. This product will make you stand out from the rest. Now that you have your new organizer, feel free to customize it with different sticker or colors. 

Mug/Cup Coasters

No one likes their furniture ruined by water rings left on your favorite couch or table. You can make a coaster right at home with just a few things. It can be used at your workplace, or you can gift it to someone. The everyday item when made from carbon fiber sheets, gives it a wow factor. For making a customized coaster, you need to cut circles of the appropriate diameter. Or you can use a pressing machine to cut out more precise circles. Once you have obtained the coaster, coat it with a varnish to give it a shiny look, or if you want to paint it over to give it a customized look. It is up to you.


Obtaining carbon fiber sheets and carbon fiber panels is not an easy process. It can be done by a professional with all the industry required precautions and standards. Machining carbon fiber sheets requires proper training and only professionals should do it. Once you have obtained the right materials it is not difficult to make your own products. Use your imagination and creativity to make strong and customized products from Carbon fiber. You can use it for yourself, or it can make a good gift for your friends.

Author: Gary Benson

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