Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

10 Habits Of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

People who constantly have a clean home obviously have some good habits. Some people only clean up every now and then, which means that the home is often dirty, plus it makes cleanup time a nightmare. If you start getting into these 10 habits, not only will your home always be clean, but the work you need to do is usually pretty minimal.

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The Stick Vacuum

  1. Doing Dishes On the Regular

People who have clean homes always do their dishes on the regular. It takes a lot less time to clean a few dishes after every meal than cleaning up a huge amount of them every few days. This will also help keep bugs at bay.

  1. The Stove Top

Another thing people with perpetually clean homes do on a regular basis is clean the stove top. Cooking food can be a really messy affair, especially when it comes to making spaghetti sauce and cooking up fried foods. Using some paper towel to wipe off the stove before food gets a chance to dry and stick is a big help.

  1. Mopping

People who always have clean homes are usually in the habit of mopping their hardwood floors on a regular basis. Just like with the stove top, mopping up dirt and messes is much easier and faster when you do it on a regular basis. Not letting the dirt build up is essential to always having a clean home.

  1. Vacuuming

Just like with mopping, vacuuming your hardwood floors and carpets on a regular basis goes a long way in keeping the house clean. When you vacuum every day, or at least every couple of days, sand, dirt, grit, and other particles won’t build up nearly as much.

  1. Maintaining The Vacuum

Something else that people with clean homes do all the time is to maintain the vacuum cleaner. When you have a good vacuum that can suck up all manner of dirt, you need to maintain it to keep it working well. Cleaning the filter and making sure there are no clogs will make vacuuming a whole lot easier.

  1. Taking Off Shoes

Taking off your shoes is another thing you can do to make sure your house is always clean. Either taking off your shoes or wearing house shoes indoors will make it much easier when it comes time to mop and vacuum. Of course, a great vacuum cleaner will help a lot too.

  1. Getting More Than The Floor

A fantastic vacuum cleaner can clean much more than your hardwood floors, tile, and carpets. People who have the right vacuum will use it to clean sofas, other hard surfaces, window sills, curtains, and more.

  1. Being Organized

A great habit that people with clean homes have is to stay organized. Putting everything back in its appropriate spot when you are done with it will help stop your home from becoming cluttered. Everything has a specific place and that is exactly where it should be.

  1. Cleaning The Car

When your car is dirty it will make your home dirty too. Your shoes and clothes will carry dirty from the car to your home. People with clean homes use a vacuum cleaner to regularly maintain the car.

  1. The Washroom

People with clean homes always put that toilet brush to good use. They brush down the toilet, wipe down the tub, and maintain the sink too.


If you get into these 10 habits, you can be one of those people who always has a clean home.

Author: Jason

Jason is one of those self-proclaimed neat freaks. And a little while ago he even started his own blog vacuumcleanerlive.com where he writes about different vacuum cleaners and gives useful cleaning tips.

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