Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2018

10 great reasons to translate Icelandic to English

Translation, in general, has many benefits. It can help your business grow, lets you apply to foreign
universities, and helps with the visa application. It can also help you communicate with people who
don’t know your language. You can make penpals with the help of translation. You can also reach out to
the new neighbor who doesn’t speak the native language and help them in adjusting with the help of
translation. Translation is important but to understand why the translation of Icelandic into English is
great, let’s learn more about Icelandic first.

The Icelandic Language:
Icelandic is the language of the people of Iceland. Its history dates back to the 9th century. Even before
it was written down, it was spoken orally for a long time. Written Icelandic hasn’t changed much since
the 13th century and because of that the people of Iceland today can read old Icelandic books without
much difficulty. Icelandic is widely known for having complex and long words that are hard to
pronounce for those who don’t speak Icelandic. The majority of Icelandic speakers live in Iceland, but
around 8000 Icelandic speakers also live in Denmark. The number of Icelandic speakers in the United
States is about 5000.

Icelandic to English Translation:
Due to the complicated Icelandic words, the Icelandic to English translation can be difficult for those
who are not expert translators. If you try to translate Icelandic to English yourself, then you will realize
that merely knowing both languages is not enough. Only native Icelandic speakers can understand the
complexity of the Icelandic language and translate it accordingly. Especially when it comes to translating
Icelandic for official purposes, it cannot be done by you and your friend; an expert has to do it.

10 Great Reasons to Translate Icelandic to English:
You can need an Icelandic to English translation for any number of reasons. But here are the ten great
reasons to search for a translator or a translation agency that can provide you with accurate Icelandic to
English translations:

1. U.S. immigration:
Are you planning to apply for U.S. immigration? Then you must know that the United States Citizenship
and Immigration Services only accept foreign documents if certified translations are attached to them. It
is time to get your birth certificate translated from Icelandic to English by a certified translator.

2. Study Application:

Love for knowledge used to take people to foreign lands and that trend hasn’t changed in modern times
either. But today, going to a foreign land for studies have become a bit easier. You can look up
universities and learn about their admission process online. Wherever you apply for studies, you will
have to send your documents (degrees and diplomas) with their certified English translations.

3. Expanding Business:
Translate Icelandic to English and let your small business reach everywhere in the world. Translation is
the quickest way to reach more people and pitch your services to them.

4. Website Translation:
One of the easiest ways to expand your business is by offering English translation of your website. This
way you will be able to connect with a lot of people.

5. Legal Documents:
Do you have a property in an English speaking country that you want to sell? Or maybe you want to buy
a property in the U.K. or the U.S. In either case; you will need certified translations of your legal
documents so you can go ahead with any sale or purchase.

6. Job Hunt:
When you are looking for a job in an English speaking country, you will have to submit your documents
with English translations every time you apply somewhere. Translate Icelandic to English so you can
show off your employment history and give them proof that you are a hard worker.

7. Press Releases:
Businesses can become victims of scandals anytime. They offer press releases to the media to clear the
air. If your clients are both Icelanders and foreigners, then you will also need an English translation of
that press release.

8. Medical Services:
If you have been trying to consult a great doctor in the U.K., but your medical records in Icelandic have
been a problem then let Icelandic to English translation be the solution.

9. Research:

If you want to learn more about your field by communicating with an expert from London or New York,
then you will need to translate Icelandic to English so they can understand your research and ideas and
provide you with proper feedback.

10. Technical Papers:
Imagine buying a device for your friend as a present, but it comes with an Icelandic-only manual. Your
friend from England can;t understand that manual without a translation so you will translate Icelandic to
English for them and that gift will become extra special.

So if you need an Icelandic to English translation for any of the reasons mentioned above, find a good
translation agency, so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.

Author: Cristian Romaniuc

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