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10 Alternative Fashion Blogs You Should Read

The definition of fashion is always different for every person. Some may define a look as fashionable if it’s streamlined and pulled-together, while others may see fashion as an escape from the usual trends we see on the runway. Alternative fashion is classified under the latter.

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Alternative fashion is a mixture of styles ranging from gothic, punk, hipster, visual kei, Lolita fashion to just about anything out of the ordinary. Alternative fashion can be flamboyant or dark, haute couture or toned-down.

These fashion blogs take us into the interesting world of alternative fashion. Read at your own risk, you might never get out.

 1.      Haute Macabre

Don’t let the name fool you. Haute Macabre is not extremely ugly at all but features avant-garde editorials and high-fashion style inspirations for every alternative fashionista. One of the most established fashion blogs in the industry, Haute Macabre offers a peek to the dark yet elegant world of fashion. 

 2.      Style Bizarre

One of the few fashion blogs with actual writing, Style Bizarre is both a blog and a magazine. With interesting reads that draws you not only to the edgy outfit suggestions and articles but to Elisa’s passion for writing as well. Style Bizarre is all about daring to be different and living alternative style to the fullest.

 3.      Virgin Blak

The blog is an extension of Virgin Blak’s brand – an alternative fashion clothing store catering to lovers of punk rock and rock chick style. While they regularly mention their brand on the blog, articles aren’t purely about Virgin Blak and their products. The blog offers compelling reads for the curious crowd of music and edgy fashion fans.

 4.      TwistedLamb

Mary Lee, the woman behind TwistedLamb, is a renowned fashion consultant and stylist to the stars. Her work is reflected in this blog – telling a story through the use of thought-provoking editorials in unusual set-ups. For outsiders, TwistedLamb can be considered “twisted”, as it does not adhere to the standards of what high fashion should look like, thereby creating a beautifully grotesque picture of fashion.

 5.      Dirty Flaws

Dirty Flaws is a contradiction – the blog itself is sleek in its almost black and white interface. It features wearable, edgy fashion, going away from the elaborate nature of alternative style. Dirty Flaws either incorporates extravagant pieces in everyday clothing or injects the “everyday look” in high fashion.


Going away from the stereotypical cuteness of Asian women (and men), China Nguyen prefers to dress up in expensive just-got-out-of-the-coffin outfits. Producing editorials, which she classifies as “horror”, is what WITHASIANSTEREOTYPES is about. The blog also has a shop that sells high-fashion items that brings out a devilish aura in every piece they bring to the table.

 7.       Gala Darling

Boasting of a gigantic number of hits and countless features on newspapers and magazines, Gala Darling is one blogger you shouldn’t miss. Alternative fashion is often branded as dark, mysterious, and sometimes terrifying, but Gala Darling is the brighter side of it. Aside from providing colorful fashion inspirations, she also thrives in positivity and self-confidence that reflects in her posts not only as part of her online fashion portfolio but also to influence other people to do the same.

 8.      The Fashionate Traveller

Focusing not only on a singular aspect of culture, The Fashionate Traveller roams around the world to find interesting and unique pieces to complete his gothic and rock wardrobe and enjoy the finest nightlife from all parts of the globe. TFT’s readers enjoy a tour from the best places and events of the alternative culture thanks to her dedication to let them in for a ride.

 9.      Obscure Alternatives

As said in her blog intro, Obscure Alternatives is not your usual fashion blog where series of posts are made to showcase your designer-brand outfit-of-the-day; it is a simple, personal online journal. Her penchant for alternative fashion coupled with opinionated writing takes you to a trip to what’s going on inside the head of a fashionista who’s a fan of draped clothing and uncomfortable shoes.  

10. Sea of Ghosts

Run by Alicia Hannah Naomi, Sea of Ghosts showcases intricate designs of jewelry to accompany every piece in your wardrobe. Elegance bursts from her designs and the looks that she posts on the blog are reflection of her belief that high fashion doesn’t have to be over-decorated. Minimalist alternative fashion is the key point in Sea of Ghosts’ looks.

Do you have other alternative fashion blogs in mind that you want to share with us? Don’t forget to follow these blogs and share this list to your friends!

 Guest Author: Eunisse De Leon

Eunisse De Leon is a fashion and lifestyle writer. She also writes about business and leadership, and she loves animals. Follow her @eunissedeleon

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    I like this brazilian blog about alternative fashion http://modadesubculturas.com.br/

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