Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

You Are The Only Person Who Will Make You Happy

One of the most famous happy person quotes by Abraham Lincoln said that most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. And this phrase is so full of truth. Indeed, people are happy as much as they decide to be happy. A happy life is only the matter of choice, and it doesn’t depend on something or someone else from outside, it is not a goal and something you can achieve or find in some other person, it is your condition just now. Let’s talk about what to do to be happy and let’s talk about the braveness and resolution to be happy just at the moment.

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Do what makes you happy

You can start changing what you don’t like to do today. How can you be successful in this? There are two variants: you can stop doing things you don’t like and do more what makes your way, or another one is two change your attitude toward the situation. For example, if the circumstances make you work for a job you don’t like, just keep in mind that is temporary and won’t last forever. Be concentrated on positive sides of why you are doing this: to save money or to obtain some skills and experience which would be useful in future. There is a huge gap between being a victim of the circumstances and being the master of the situation. When you are the master – everything around you, people or conditions are always pleasant for you as it is exactly you who have chosen them.

Always remember that there can’t be good or bad things or people, they just exist exactly in that form they are now. You waste your potential and energy when you fight or try to change someone or something. Just let them be and change your way of looking at the situation. And the picture of the world will be changing for good, as well as your inner mood.

Care about your health

Take care of your health, body, and well-being these days. Have you decided to give up smoking? Do it now, don’t postpone such decisions on some other favorable days. Don’t delay the moment to free yourself from diseases and bad habits that cramp your development.

Do exercises do yoga or jogging, walk a lot on open air, be attentive to your nutrition, mode of life and respect your body. Our physical covering makes a big part of our happiness. It may become a resilient tool for achieving your goals and for making your dreams come true. And this is only your responsibility if you can make it your friend or enemy in this. Make some effort and do something that will make you tomorrow better than yesterday.

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Be open to new things coming into your life

Our laziness always mingles to learn new things. Try to learn something new and useful every day, do it easily, with no rush. It will open some new perspectives for you and will make your life brighter and fuller. For how long did you postpone getting the feel of playing the guitar or mastering the Photoshop? Don’t smother anything – act, conceive and achieve now. Have you ever dreamt of starting to write articles or essays? You can carry out your cherished desire with best custom writing service. It’s you who can choose you’re here and now and the day of tomorrow depends only on you.

Work on your personality

Improve yourself morally and on a personal level. Do something helpful or pleasant to others, respect yourself, and you will obtain the capacity of respecting and loving others. Don’t ever wait for some good that can be given to you, take and give everything you want from this life by yourself. Do you know the theory that everything around us is a mirror that reflects our inner condition? According to this line of thinking, it is you who decide how others will treat you. Of course, it is not about words, it is about your treatment to others. Actions, directed at changing someone don’t work. You cannot change or boss another person only because it is more convenient to you. If you want to change things for better, don’t forget that everything you can really change is you and only for yourself. Behave toward people well-intentioned, diffuse kindness and all this will be returned to you with a good percentage.

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Become acquainted with your fears

Since our childhood, we are all full of fears. Fear is a natural feeling, and it is okay to be afraid of something.  The question arises: How to be happy with all these fears we have: a fear of being loved, a fear of solitude, and a fear of success or a failure? The answer is very simple – become a friend with your fears. The more you fight them, the stronger they become. If you wish not to make choice lead not by your fear, but by your true self, you must face and accept all of them.  Just confide yourself and this world and be happy!

Author: Harry Southworth

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