Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Will North Korea Eventually Implode?

For most people and nations, the collapse of North Korea is a highly anticipated occurrence and an occasion for worldwide celebration. Its megalomaniacal leader is giving jitters to the international community and taunting the United States and their allies with its ongoing ballistic missile tests and threats of annihilation.

Many people have prophesied the implosion of the isolated state. Diplomats, professors, defectors and religious leaders have incorrectly predicted Kim Jong-un’s fall, raising false hopes that only lead to disappointment for those who believed them.

While some predictions were speculative guesses, attributed to divine providence or inevitable retribution, others were made based on intelligence work, meticulous political analysis and information from defectors. Implosion theories abounded in 1994 upon the unexpected death North Korea’s founder and leader, Kim Il-sung. But the turnover of the leadership to his son, Kim Jong-il, was without disturbance and the status quo was easily maintained. His death in 2011 paved the way for his son, Kim Jong-un, to take over the reins of the Pyongyang regime.

It is said that the second Kim’s rule was more infamous than his father’s and the present Kim, his son, is following in the father’s footsteps in committing abuses and executions, human rights violations and the development of nuclear and missile weapons.

Various scenarios can be assumed if or when North Korea collapses. A people’s uprising is unlikely; the loyal military will see to its quelling. An overthrowing of the current leadership would be disastrous because the abundant supply of nuclear weapons, long-range missiles and nuclear fuel will be let loose. A unification of the North and South, with Seoul in command, is the preferred scenario for everyone, except the Kim dynasty and its followers.

Under the present regime, however, unification with the South as the ruling party is simply wishful thinking for all. Kim Jong-un is a diabolical ruler with delusions of grandeur. If he has the nerve to challenge and threaten the two superpowers United States and China, it’s unthinkable to hope that he will submit to South Korea.

To perpetuate his hold on the people, he is starting them early. The children in North Korea are being indoctrinated to idolize Kim Jong-un through school textbooks that teach them about the dictator’s accomplishments and intelligence. Among other things, Kim supposedly learned to drive a car at age three and won a yacht race at age nine. Admittedly, manipulation of facts are not a monopoly of Pyongyang’s schools. South Korea and Japan have been criticized for history revisionism on the dictatorship of its former president Park Chung-hee and the Nanking Massacre in 1937, respectively. But portraying a child to have superpowers to gain a people’s lasting adoration is in a different category altogether.

Quite a few optimists do not believe that the country ironically named the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will last forever. A recent high-ranking officer who defected last year, North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to the UK Thae Yong-ho, says that outside information sneaking its way into the communist nation will eventually open up its people’s minds to the ways of the outside world and erode their ideologies. Political, social and cultural enlightenment of the people will weaken the hold of their supreme leader whose reign relies heavily on his personality and the falsified stories about his invincibility. Thae has told South Korean broadcaster Arirang that he is pursuing a reunification of the North and South within five years.

Jieun Baek, author of North Korea’s Hidden Revolution, shares Thae’s optimism with some reservations and is looking forward to the day that other countries will help South Korea in unifying the two countries.

Although several nations, groups and individuals are unanimous in their belief that North Korea will implode, they cannot agree on a time frame or the scenario for this impending fortunate event. Robert Kelly, a pragmatic political analyst, thinks North Korea has some sort of strength that, despite the odds, keeps it going indefinitely.

What’s sure though is, Kim Jong-un will not give up without a fight. It will be a bloody implosion, presuming he is beaten, and there will be hundreds of thousands of casualties. If captured alive, the universal sentiment is not to afford him democratic rights, but to execute him immediately, using the most torturous means available. And that time can’t come soon enough.

Author: Amelia Smith

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