Published On: Sat, Jul 31st, 2010

WikiLeaks: a new perspective in the propaganda war by Larry Warrick

WikiLeaks: A New Perspective in the Propaganda War

Taken from the opening lines of ‘Comes A Blond Stranger,’ a ‘work of fiction’ posted in today’s Daily Bell:

“The two sat quietly in the senior cafeteria in the basement of big dusty building in Washington DC… The junior man had had a thought.”

The ‘thought’ was to arrange for a large amount of raw data to be ‘dumped’ on the internet through a guy who “doesn’t exist but we made him up and now he’s all over the Internet… He should be a mythic character… He should live on the run, out of suitcases and have homes and apartments in a number of different countries. He should be a self-made millionaire but anti-social. But he should also work well with people even though he shuns them”. “Announce that they are top secret… But then it turns out they’re only secret. And they’ll need to show the US doing some bad things, of course… Just bad enough to make it believable. Leathernecks abusing civilians, but nothing that people don’t already suspect. Let’s not break any new ground here. But set up the first data dump with something sexy. Say a video of a shooting, a massacre, a war crime or something. Something dramatic, but nothing new. Something people already know about.””

One way to build credibility with an audience is to tell them something they already know or strongly suspect. Once a connection is made, the use of linking statements to suggest the truth (or limit criticism) of new information brings the listener to accept the new idea or statement more easily without further explanation.

“And then let ’em have the big one! But arrange the data dump so it works in our favor. Maybe gives Pakistan the business – reveal the funny stuff going on around the border and how Pakistan is protecting the Taliban. Really drill ’em… Might want to throw in the names of some Afghan informers just to make it seem real.”

“Give us a pretext to invade. Iran, too… Should have something about Iranian cooperation with the Taliban just to cover all the bases.”

The article closes with this disclaimer “If it were not fictional, it would represent an alternative view of recent events that increasingly (and unfortunately) seem suspect to some, including us.”

Around the same time, Fox News posted this:

“In just two hours of searching the WikiLeaks archive, The Times of London found the names of dozens of Afghans credited with providing detailed intelligence to U.S. forces. Their villages are given for identification and also, in many cases, their fathers’ names.”

And this from London’s Financal Times:

“A former Pakistani spy master has hit back at allegations he supported the Taliban, saying the US orchestrated a mass leak of confidential files in a bid to scapegoat him for its failures in Afghanistan.”

Read more of the Examiner article here: http://www.examiner.com/x-53966-MiamiDade-County-Libertarian-Examiner~y2010m7d28-Wikileaks–A-new-perspective-in-the-propaganda-war

For all of Larry Warrick’s articles on Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/x-53966-MiamiDade-County-Libertarian-Examiner

Larry’s older blog can be found here: http://www.nolanchart.com/author87.html

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