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Why Work Experience is Significantly Much More Important than GPA

Graduates are in a very competitive job markets these days, with companies being more and more discerning about who they hire. There is a strict focus on several key factors that are judged when employers look at job applicants. The most important of these factors are an applicant’s grades and their relevant work experience. The natural tendency is to think that the most important factor is grades, but in reality work experience is the number one factor companies consider. This is also true for grad students looking to join an MBA program. The top schools allow work experience to weigh heavily in their candidate selection criteria.

Grades are important at big firms, whether you apply for a lowly or more advanced position. They look for students who can apply themselves, who are prepared to put in long hours, and who work hard. This is what is required at universities. You spend hours, essay writing or pulling your ideas together then working with services like Grademiners.com that provide different kind help to students, from essay writing to proofreading and paper formatting, to create the perfect essay. And, you work days and even weeks on term papers (which also may require custom writing), or class projects. If you complete this and excel at it, it demonstrates your ability to work within time limits, and to compete in a group environment.  

But the idea, that every student with good grades gets a job at a big firm is incorrect. Big firms look for students that have good grades, but as or more importantly life experiences in the real world as a confirmation that the job applicant will be able to fit in, work well with others, and get right to work.

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When you focus on smaller firms, they have an even greater need for workers who can hit the ground running. Work experience demonstrates that quality much more than school grades. If you are seeking a job where you interact with clients, having working experience is even more critical. This area of business typically needs time to develop. If you have spent time already developing this skill in a real-world scenario, you are far ahead of someone who has not. For many employers, if it comes down to two candidates, the applicant with more practical experience will get the job offer.

In this debates if the GPA is important one simple fact cannot be denied. This fact is that the current system of getting high GPA focuses on academics alone and that is why such a system simply cannot produce individuals who are capable of standing up to the multiple challenges the world has to offer. In other words, life is much more complex than the grade system.

More over, recent studies show that there is no relationship between college grades and life achievements. For instance, the research conducted by Peter A. Cohen from The University of Texas, collected 108 studies correlating grade average in college to various criteria of adult achievements and using meta-analytic methodology, resulted in the conclusion that that correlation between grade average and a success criterion is very low. This research may be very discouraging to those who place a great deal of importance on the high value of grades.  

So, if you’ve been putting off applying to an MBA program because your GPA is not stellar, you shouldn’t. Especially if you have been up to much more than your academics. While a high GPA is definitely a plus when applying to MBA programs, it’s not the only thing admissions directors look for in an applicant. They also look for intellectual curiosity, abilities to work and go to school, and even if the applicant has paid for his own education, by working. So you could have a lot more interesting things to offer besides grades.

You’ll need to examine your background closely with a focus on accomplishments outside the classroom, and highlight things that show that you have leadership qualities, are well-rounded and full of initiative, and have worked for long periods of time on projects or jobs relevant to the area of employment you are seeking. When one aspect of your MBA application is weaker, you want to maximize other areas and again those areas might have more weight than academics.

Large companies may look to GPA as a metric of your academic success, but as soon as you gain work experience at your first job, you GPA become less important. So if you applying for a position or looking to be accepted into a great school, remember you can gain a lot of respect in the eyes of those making the decisions about you, if you put in the time to gain relevant work experience, in addition to your academics. Not everyone can have a perfect GPA, but anyone can work hard and show that they can get a job done.

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