Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2019

Why Supporting Local Charities is Good for Your Brand

By Veselina Dzhingarova

Running a business isn’t always about growing on your own. It often means growing alongside the communities around you. As a business owner, you have more opportunities to contribute to social movements and local charities.

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Supporting local charities is also more than just a way to give back to the communities around you. By becoming an active part of the communities around you, you are also elevating your brand. There are several key reasons why supporting the charities around you is good for your brand.

It’s Good for Marketing

On the surface, supporting local charities is good for marketing purposes. Even when your primary goal for supporting the social movements isn’t for boosting your brand’s exposure, you still benefit from the act of kindness in this respect.

A lot of businesses (and the business owners behind them) now go a step further and associate their brands with local movements that they genuinely support. By increasing your involvement and support for local charities, you are increasing your brand exposure in the process.

It’s Tax-Deductible

If you are looking for that extra push, the fact that charitable donations are tax deductible will certainly interest you. While you have the option to donate more than what you can deduct from your taxes, you have that option to benefit from CSR and support for local charities financially.

A lot of business owners now use the tax-deductible portion of their donations to double the amount they donate. When you know you can get $5,000 in tax deduction from a donation, you can actually choose to donate $10,000 and provide your local charities with more support.

Helping the Community

There is another reason why supporting local charities is a great thing. Supporting local charities means supporting the people around your business. You are contributing to the community as much as the community is supporting your business.

This kind of mutually beneficial relationship is the reason why many businesses gain the support of locals when they run into issues. During the 2008 crisis, for instance, a lot of highly-involved businesses managed to stay afloat thanks to the support of those around them.

Helping the Nation

You may see supporting local charities as a way to affect your immediate neighborhood, but you’d be mistaken. The support you provide to organizations near you is affecting the nation as a whole. This is because other businesses in other areas are doing the same thing.

At a higher level, we have people like Chad Brownstein are making a difference. Through his charities and the support he continues to provide to social movements, Mr. Brownstein is becoming one of the leading names in assisting under-served youth across the nation. It all began with a small contribution to a local charity.

You can start the same way too. Support local charities as much as you can. Work towards increasing that level of support and start affecting real change. It will not be long before you start improving the nation; you may even choose to collaborate with other businesses and individuals in amplifying your contributions and taking them to the next level.

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