Published On: Sat, May 9th, 2015

Why College is not Important For Real Estate Agents

With the cost of higher education rising every year, many people are starting to wonder if getting a college degree is actually worth the investment. For many careers, people may be better off skipping college and diving head first into their career. People that want to be real estate agents should consider skipping college and going right to work for several reasons after getting their real estate licence.

Cost of College

One of the biggest reasons for skipping college is simply its high cost. Every year, tuition costs around the country are going up at almost every college. There are many people graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and little to show for it. Many college graduates are also living back at home with their parents because they can not find work. These are all things to consider before making the money and time commitment to going to college.

Online Learning

If someone is dead set on getting some sort of college education, there are a variety of courses that are free online, especially real estate courses and prelicense training. Although someone may not get official credit for completing these classes, they are still free of charge and can be a great learning experience for anyone. If someone is interested in real estate for example, they can take a real estate course online and save thousands of dollars. Instead of going to a four year college, potential real estate agents should just jump right in to their careers. Real estate courses do not have to cost a fortune.

photo TaxRebate.org.uk via Flickr

photo TaxRebate.org.uk via Flickr

Real Estate Is A Business

For anyone who has the urge to start their own business, real estate is the perfect medium for starting a business. Anyone that has the personality and drive to be an entrepreneur will love the game of real estate. The learning curve for new people in real estate can be very steep, and this is one of the many reasons starting early can be beneficial to anyone. One step in real estate training is to understand it is a business.

Starting Early

Being a real estate agent is all about building a brand and selling as a part of real estate training. In order to build a strong book of contacts, it is important for people to start selling early. The earlier someone starts selling, the larger their potential book of business can be. Starting early will also allow a person to make mistakes early on in their careers when the stakes are lower. Blowing a sale while living at home is much different than when a person has three kids and a spouse.

No More 9-5

One of the most appealing aspects of being a real estate agent is breaking out of the job mentality. Instead of treating it like a job, real estate agents must treat their work like a business in order to be successful long term. The real estate agents that break out of the job mentality early on are the ones that will be the most successful over the long run, both in terms of job satisfaction and how much money they will make over the course of their careers with a real estate licence.

Guest Author: Archie Ward




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