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Where to Store a Gun Safe in Your House

Guns have the power to take away a life in less than a second. They can give you the advantage and the upper hand in many situations. While it’s in your possession, you have an obligation to make the best of that responsibility.

That includes taking proper care of the firearm. Before you even think about what gun to buy, you must first make an intention of leaving a specific place in your house for its storage.

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Where to Store a Gun Safe in Your House

Figuring out where to place your gun safe for your house requires thorough decision-making, as does choosing the right gun to buy. However, making space for it precedes the whole process.

When you know your priorities for having a gun in the first place, choosing a location becomes easy. These are some of the best in-house locations for any gun safe of your choice.


We put basements first because they’re generally the best place with the least risk of any kind of damage. The safe can be secured down on the concrete floor as it’s already the lowest part of the house.

It’s also not a common room where other residents of the house or guests would frequent. If it even happens, burglars also wouldn’t think to go to the basement first. Even if they do, it’d take a long time and much effort to get the safe or its contents up the set of stairs.

The only thing to consider when putting your gun safe in the basement is the amount of humidity in the room, as it is below the surface. It’s nothing a good dehumidifier can’t solve, so that’s one additional thing you have to get alongside the actual gun safe.

Home Office

A home office is a common option, especially for gun owners who are also parents. Putting a gun safe in your home office poses little risk of children accidentally finding your stash of guns or ammo.

Children are naturally nosy and curious, but it’s easy to explain why the office is a prohibited room for non-adults and why it needs to be locked most of the time.

Master Bedroom

For the same purpose as the last, putting your gun safe in the master bedroom is a good choice for parents because it’s almost as safe as keeping a gun on the person.

The main concern you must think about is if the master bedroom is located in the second floor or higher because the floor might not be strong enough to hold a thousand pounds, which is what some gun safes weigh at.

That being said, some gun safes are small enough to be in or on the nightstand. Additionally, you can consider placing a small safe under your bed.

Bedroom Closet

If the master bedroom is a space that you typically let kids into, consider keeping your firearms in the closet. For added security, hide it in the back, where it’s not visible if someone were to open up the closet doors. It still an accessible location with less visibility and more privacy from others.


The garage is one of the most common considerations for gun safes, as it is where you would store tools and outdoor items. However, the things you put there – flammable items, liquids with lots of chemicals, machines for cars or gardening materials – add up to be a potentially big hazard around guns.

Garages do pose a potential problem, as they can sometimes be easily broken into. However, they could be acceptable storage for your gun safe if you secure it down to the concrete floor.


There are plenty of factors that affect your decision of where to put a gun safe: kids, fire risks, flooding, humidity, available space, among many others. These locations provide the least risk for accidents to occur while also prioritizing your guns’ protection and prolonged shelf life.

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