Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

What’s Happening in Housing and Real Estate Right Now

On any given day the real estate and housing markets often dominate the news cycle, and there are some overarching trends currently impacting the industry right now. The following are some of the key trends that are influencing home design, the economy, homebuyers and consumers, and the industry as a whole.

Shipping Container Homes

If you follow the news you’ve probably heard of shipping container homes, which are being looked to as not only a stylish trend in home design, but also a solution to the affordable housing crisis that’s taking hold across the country, and in particular the Bay Area and other large metropolitan areas.

It’s not just actual shipping containers that are a key part of home design and real estate right now. People are getting even more creative and looking at options like metal garages as a way to create their vision for comfortable, innovative and modern living.

Demand for Prefab and Modular Homes

Just a decade ago, the concept of a prefab or modular home was one that carried with it less-than-desirable connotations, but that’s all changed, and these unique housing options continue to make waves in the real estate industry. The stigma was once that prefab or modular was something representing low-cost, poor design, but now there are so many options that range from stunning modern homes to unique farm-style properties.

The design options for these unique homes is increasing as a result of the interest and demand, and even high-end architects are getting in on the action.

There are more top-quality architecture solutions available as a result of this housing trend, and it’s something that even big retailers are starting to dabble in.

Modular homes are even becoming more prevalent in big cities, with the world’s tallest modular tower having just opened in Brooklyn.

photo 401K 2012/2013 via Flickr

Wellness Building

According to a news report from Realtor.com, one of the biggest trends creating a buzz right now is something called wellness buildings. Wellness buildings pair living environments with all things health-related. There’s even a new building standard called the Well-Being Standard.

To qualify for this designation, a property design needs to have a range of healthy elements which can include fitness amenities, natural light, and high-quality air and water.


The final trend making a lot of headlines right now is minimalism. Rather than opulence or homes with ornate design details, more people are looking for smaller, more streamlined and more efficient places to call home. This can mean efficiency in how things are stored and how your family operates in your home, but it can also refer to sustainability.

For example, one way this ties in with the trend of modular homes named above is the fact that a lot of the newest modular home design and manufacturing companies are also creating products that adhere to LEED Platinum standards. These designs reduce the use of resources both when they’re being constructed, and also once someone lives in them.

It’s an exciting and interesting time in the real estate world, and the trends named above are likely to continue being relevant for the next several months and even years.  

Author: Carmelo Hannity

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