Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

All professionals including lawyers work differently. Actually, many of them lack experience, passion, and ability to give their 100% while fighting for their client’s interest regarding personal injury matter. Therefore, to obtain fair value for all your damages and injuries it is vital to seek a car accident lawyer, whose first priority is their client’s interest.

What to look for in a personal injury lawyer?

If you got injured due to other party’s negligence then the qualities to look for in a car accident lawyer are –

Success rate

  • What is the potential attorney’s experience?
  • Does the attorney settle down cases for less or try cases in front of a jury?
  • Is the lawyer willing to handle your case?
  • Who will actually handle your case?

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Court system knowledge

Trial lawyers are just good at trying case before a jury. Find out if the lawyer has knowledge about court system. Several trial lawyers don’t actually know where courthouse is. Therefore before hiring question about their achievement and failures.

Common sense

Some basic common sense like can the lawyer catch peculiarities in your specific case? Can they identify the wrongs caused to your life because of this accident? Most crucial, can you communicate with the lawyer clearly? If you are not comfortable or don’t understand them then jury will also not be able to relate to them, thus affecting your best judgment.

Communication skills

Majority of cases are settled with insurance adjuster. It is beneficial for everyone involved, if you get fair value for damages and injuries. For attaining this, a lawyer needs to relate with insurance providers with honest and fair communication skills regarding the harm caused due to car collision. There should not be a hint of threat in their explanation.

Time management skills

A good lawyer has skills to recognize the right time to reach the core of matter. He/she also understands the importance of client’s time and ways to get best results. In collision cases, lawyers are paid by results and not hours.

Advocates from Johnston Law Firm, P.C. are professionals, who work with client’s interest in mind.  Most part of your case need hard work, which they are trained to perform in their chosen career. With severe competition, they may many lawyers will try to sell themselves but have healthy uncertainty towards them. Trust what the lawyer tells but also verify it.

What questions to ask potential car accident lawyer?

How long are you licensed and practising law?

Experience means improvement with age. However, with years of practice they may get bored with this monotonous task and lose their passion. The question is an indicator of experience depth the lawyer has.

For how long are you practicing car accident plaintiff lawyer?

Just because the lawyer has an experience in law sector for a couple of decades does not mean they know much about personal injury. It is also not sufficient to represent insurance providers for more than a decade. There is a lot of difference between representing injured victim and defending personal injury case. You certainly get in-depth knowledge about how to deal a case but is not a true way. Becoming a great trial lawyer means you need to experience the ditches and struggle for justice.

In which other areas do you specialize and practice?

It is great to be specialized in a single area than tackling multiple law areas. An attorney dedicated to represent injured victim will not get time for other areas as obtaining justice for incapacitated client is time consuming quest. Handling other law areas and tackling each client’s area is an exhausting task. Therefore you need a lawyer, who is great in personal injury area and cares less about other legal stream.

How many jury trials and court processes have you handled?

Personal injury lawyers are also called ‘trial attorneys’ as they willingly go to court and fight for justice. In case, a lawyer just negotiates every deal then insurance providers will clearly figure this and low-ball each offer. It means clients will not get fair compensation.

Alternatively, if lawyer has successful track record them insurance carrier will know and try to avoid being next court victim. However, be cautious when the lawyer says, he/she has never lost. It means the lawyer is not willing to fight for you as he/she has not experienced the suffering, which comes with struggling for justice. Having tried and the lost cases means the lawyer has worked very hard to offer best representation.

Will someone else deal the case?

You approached the lawyer because of his/her experience skills, knowledge and reputation. Paralegal or associates can work on your case but you are not aware about their way of handling personal injury cases. It means you are discussing case with wrong person.

Other common questions to ask are –

  • Are you connected with trial lawyer association?
  • Can you offer references?
  • Do you have testimonials from peers and clients?
  • Have you been acknowledged for your representation?
  • Will you tell me honestly about this case and not just some varnished truth?
  • What do you expect clients to work on during the case?  

Author: Aalia Ray

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