Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2018

What Every Student Should Know About Common Living

So, you’re moving to the city to get an education. Soon the world will be your oyster, armed with that degree that promises to open doors. But before you reach that moment, you first need to find a place to live close to campus. Or at least, near to public transport links that will get you there within 30 minutes or less. You don’t want to miss out on student life just because half of your free time every day is gobbled up by commuting.

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You Can Live The High Life – On A Tight Budget

There’s some bad news for prospective students, though. Quality student accommodation can be hellishly expensive. And even a small apartment in a convenient location can command a rent that’s far out of your budget, and that’s before you have even bought any food or furniture.

There’s a rapidly-growing modern alternative that would suit you perfectly, though. It’s called coliving, and it will make your life during your studies much easier. In a coliving house, you typically have your own room, and you share all living spaces. For a cheap option you can choose to share a bathroom, or you can fork out a bit more for a private en-suite bathroom. Fast internet, cleaning service, and basic grocery and cleaning items are usually included in the rental, which is a flat monthly fee. That means you don’t ever have to fight with anyone about splitting the electricity bill, or whose turn it is to clean the house.

This concept isn’t entirely new, and you may think that it can’t be that much different from any other kind of organized communal living. But coliving is a bit different. It combines the community aspect of communal living with likeminded people, and adds a more organized spin borrowed from coworking spaces.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

While the communal aspect is already baked into the corporate housing experience, it’s never expected of anyone to participate in group socializing. In fact, you’re welcome to chill on your own whenever you want. But the fact that there’s already a community of other people there, means that you will make friends quicker and be less lonely once you take that step to move to the city.

Everything is Conveniently Provided

Another major benefit of coliving is that you don’t need any of your own stuff. You’ll find a fully-furnished bedroom, including fresh bed linen every week or so. You’ll find a fully-equipped kitchen. You’ll find a lounge with a television. You’ll find outside chill spaces, and even things like foosball and pool tables at some facilities. There are often also bars and gyms either at the facility, or nearby. All you need to bring is yourself and your clothes, and whatever personal gadgets and things you need.

Coliving makes the transition from home life to student life easier for prospective and active students, by taking most of the hassle and admin of finding a place to live out of the equation. You are also not bound by ridiculous amounts of paperwork, credit checks, and a long lease. You can stay as long or as short as you want, meaning that you’re free to only stay a semester at a time if you want.

Author: Alex Omelchenko

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