Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

What Are The Best Possible Ways to Get Your Website to the Top of Google?

Few years before now, it was very easy to create some content and become easily detected on Google and some other top search engines. It used to be choosing a domain and hosting name, learning some basic HTML codes and making use of Title and Meta tags. There are some tips and ideas that you cant do without right now, if you want to remain on top of search engines such as Google, you can learn more about this by simply clicking on the following link: https://www.linksmanagement.com/how_to_get_ranked_top_10_on_google/ .

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Learn and make use of basic SEO marketing strategies

No matter how tech savvy you have become, you need to find out about your competitors, your areas of expertise, what differentiates you from the rest, and where your users come from. Once you perform some research on your followership then you can incorporate some components into your SEO strategies, these include; schedules and frequencies of your posts, distribution of your content and type of contents. These are simple marketing strategies that will keep them coming to your blog.

Structure our website properly

Make your website easily navigable and ensure that you segment your contents according to each topic or section.

  • Create a digital footprint

This simply means making your website very visible and well-respected online. Social partnerships, good PR, sponsorships and attending to great events are some of the options that can help you create a digital footprint, hence you must explore them. Creating a digital footprint will help you create a profitable inbound marketing structure.

  • Design your website for multiple screens

Make sure your site I user-friendly across all devices, (including mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets). For this reason, you need to invest in a responsive web design, if you want to stay on top of Google search engine.

  • Make use of the keyword query research

Keyword query research helps you discover more about consumers’ intentions and decisions. You need to understand that Google interprets consumer behavior based on their contexts and intent which means they detect where consumers are located, the device they use and their search behavior. When you use query research you think about your content from the view of the users.

  • Your contents must be enough

There is no single rule about the length of blog contents but you need to ensure that each blog content is capable of satisfying the intent of each reader, and make sure you do not stuff the contents with too much keyword. Make sure other pages are accessible from your home page, and the contents must be easily linked with your social media profiles.

  • Always tag your content

Make use of Standards, Social and Schema tags for your content. Standard tags for instance include; Title tags, Meta description, and header tags. Social tags such as OG for Facebook are also important just like Schema tags such as Microdata formats.

  • Do not overuse SEO

Too much Search Engine Optimization is considered to be a Spam by Google, hence , you need to focus more on creating a better user-friendly experience. Do not make use of Footers that has massive links likewise you must avoid too much backlinks.

  •  Optimize your website user experience

When users click on links after reading your contents that shows that your website is great, for this reason you need to keep tracking user activities and make sure you are user-centric even when you take marketing approach towards them.

  • Make your link building practice more natural

Having natural links from credible source will boost your website’s visibility but unnatural links from non-relevant websites can create negative impression, therefore you must get links from credible sources only. 

Author: Lee Sadawski

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