Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

What Are Hybrid Mattress: Learn About its Different Types

Hybrid mattress comes in several different options to provide distinctive features to a person. If you are looking to get the advantages of different types of mattresses in one single unit, then hybrid mattress serves to be a sweet package for you. These mattresses aim to get you the best of the features of coils and foam materials. This combination is sure to give you an amazing experience.

About hybrid mattress

This type of mattress is a perfect combination of a coil based underpinning with the presence of foam layers on top of it. These foam layers can be made up of memory or latex foam. Hybrid mattresses show the similarity of foam and coil mattresses. In this way, it fulfills the requirement of sleepers, who are looking for more than just a coil or foam mattress.

Innerspring or coil mattresses provides the best level of bounce and support to people. It provides a more noticeable pressure relief and contouring hug. Though coil and foam based mattress is very different from each other, their combination in the form of hybrid mattress gives the best properties of each material to the user.

Properties of a hybrid mattress

As hybrid mattresses are a combination of coil and foam mattress, they contain the properties of both of these mattresses

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Attributes of coil based mattress

When using a coil-based mattress, the whole objective is to provide a superior level of support to the sleeper. Such mattresses are easy to operate and move.

Attributes of foam-based mattress

A foam-based mattress aims to enable the sleeper to penetrate into deeper layers of the mattress. This helps them focus on deep compression support, contouring of body, and obtain relief on pressure points. These mattresses are silent and give plenty of space to the sleeper to move freely around the bed without disturbing their partner.

Hybrid Mattress: An amazing merger of coil and memory foam mattress

A superior quality hybrid mattress merges several positive qualities of both of these mattresses, leaving out negative ones of both of them. These mattresses maintain the ease of motion and bounce from the coil mattresses and provide layers that offer pressure relief and deep compression support. A true hybrid mattress uses only foams and springs to build all the different layers of the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses follow a simple pattern of (traditional coil + foam). Here one layer of foam provides enhanced support, response, and bounce, while other layers give the benefit of comfort, pressure relief and contour. Hybrid mattresses are designed to have a foundational layer of good thickness.

This quality helps in offering enhanced support foam just at the level of the base of the mattress. The combination of several different types and quality of foams develops a mattress that exhibits the best virtues of each of these types and minimizes the negative effects associated with them.  

Sleep Junkie is a leading place where you would get the finest range of mattresses at an affordable price.  Some of these mattresses are innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid etc. Their trained salesperson will understand your individual mattress requirements and suggest the best one for you.

A mattress once purchased, easily lasts for ten years. A bad selection can destroy your health and causes a number of health issues after prolonged use of it. A good quality mattress would help you with an exemplary comfort, rest and relaxation to all the parts of the body.  The hybrid mattress is the best for people who want the benefits of different materials in one mattress and in a cost-effective way.

Author: Sunil Gupta

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