Published On: Mon, Oct 30th, 2017

WATCH: Ripley’s Gerrold Vincent Hooks a New World Record

The Big Apple was the setting for Ripley’s latest stunt, where Gerrold Vincent (aka “One Hook wonder”) decided to catch some world record-breaking hang time in a most peculiar way.

Vincent, a former member of New Orleans’ Pain Tribe, coordinated a suicide suspension record attempt in the main lobby of Ripley’s New York Odditorium. Vincent’s goal was to break the 7-minute world record for The Longest Suspension from the Least Amount of Hooks, set by Shane Munce in April 2000.

Gerrold Vincent Photo Courtesy of Ripley’s.com

Vincent is no amateur when it comes to being suspended by his own skin, as he previously performed similar feats while travelling with the Pain Tribe. In his recent interview with theglobaldispatch.com, Vincent mentioned the loss of a fellow performer as an inspiration for this world record attempt:

“One of our former members passed away recently, and this world record was something he wanted to beat. It is in his memory that I decided to attempt this world record.”

Standing on a crane with the professional piercer, a large hole was made in Vincent’s upper back and replaced with an even larger hook. With the hook in place, the crane lowered and the skin of his back stretched by several inches, suspending him 30 feet above the lobby floor. When asked about the pain from the ordeal, Vincent simply responded:

“I’m more of a realist, so I see things more for what they are, than maybe how other people see it. It was an interesting feeling, I wouldn’t say it exactly painful. “

He then spent the next 47 minutes and 21 seconds hovering above the lobby of Ripley’s gruesome Odditorium. Smashing the record of his predecessor by 40 minutes. Images show Vincent hovering above the crowd, holding a cell phone as he patiently earned a new world record.

RecordSetter Council was present for the entire event, and confirmed Vincent’s new world record once he made back to solid ground.

In addition to his new world record, Vincent’s other skills include designing costumes for a variety of music videos, movies, television shows and some very large live tours.

Vincent is no stranger to these types of events. His love for the macabre began with the Pain Tribe, a travelling show that demonstrates some extremely dark and intensely interesting feats, using chains and hooks in some very unusual places.

When asked about his future, Vincent confirmed that there may be some more world records on the horizon. In the meantime, he is going to prepare for a reunion show with the Pain Tribe at the 2018 Mardi Gras Festival.

Watch as Gerrold Vincent attempts the world record: https://business.facebook.com/gabriela.penaherrera.50/videos/358760144549805/

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