Published On: Fri, Aug 2nd, 2013

US House of Representatives votes overwhelmingly to ramp up sanctions on Iran

Just days prior to the  inauguration of new Iranian President Hassan Rohani, the US House of Representatives voted to approve a new round of sanctions by a vote of 400-20 Wednesday.



The bill, Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013,  is designed to cut Iran’s oil exports by another 1 million barrels per day within one year, according to a Reuters report.

The report notes the House bill’s goal of slashing Iran’s oil exports to a trickle risks antagonizing China and India, the biggest buyers of Iran’s crude, and could push global oil prices higher.

“New president or not, I am convinced that Iran’s Supreme Leader intends to continue on this path,” Representative Ed Royce, a California Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said on the House floor, referring to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “That’s unless the sanctions bite so bad the regime must relent or face upheaval. That’s why this legislation dramatically steps up the pressure on Tehran.”

The new Iranian president has been seen as an outspoken advocate of diplomacy for years and is willing to partake in talks with the United States.

“We have disagreements with the U.S. on regional and international matters, but obviously friendship or hostility with the world is not permanent,” Rouhani told an audience at Tehran’s Sharif University in his May address. “Every country can improve its relations with others.” A much more measured and responsible approach compared to his predecessor.

More than 70 percent of Iranians turned out to vote actually believing that their vote mattered. Rohani begins his term on Aug. 4.

Last month, former UN ambassador, John Bolton called for the “toppling” if the new Hassan Rohani regime in Iran, saying, “Israel should have attacked Iran yesterday”.

—- NAYS    20 —


Carson (IN)
Johnson, E. B.
Lee (CA)
Miller, George
Price (NC)


Johnson (GA)

—- NOT VOTING    13 —

Collins (GA)
Graves (MO)
Herrera Beutler
King (IA)
McCarthy (NY)
Miller (FL)
Young (FL)

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