Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2012

Two Portland children, ages 7 and 11, attempt carjacking with loaded gun

A juvenile “flashed” a .22-caliber handgun at a 22-year-old woman who was parked outside of a church, police said. There were two boys and both were brought back to their parents, and an investigation is ongoing.

Ami Garrett described the unimaginable scene which occured Sunday while waiting in her church parking lot for her parents. 

As the two boys, one 7 the other 11, came up to her truck with a loaded handgun, “He flashed me his gun and I said, ‘ is that real?’ and he’s like, ‘You don’t ever ask somebody if it’s real – that’s how you get yourself shot.”

She said the boys demanded her truck, money and her cell phone. They threatened to shoot her if she didn’t give them something.

“He was like, ‘yeah, it’s fully loaded and cocked and ready to blow your brains out.”

At first, Garrett didn’t think the gun was real but then, the boys showed her the bullets.

“That’s when I realized the gun was real ‘cuz those were real bullets.”

She again refused to give them anything and took off calling 911. 

Police were already on the way. The parents of another boy who had seen the gun had already called police.

“In almost 20 years of police work, I’ve never heard of anything like this where an 11 and a 7 year old commit an armed robbery.”

When police arrived, they discovered the loaded gun in one of his pockets.

“Officers grabbed onto him, pulled his hand out and in his pocket was a loaded 22-firearm with a hammer-back, ready to fire.”

The boys were then released to their parents because police said they’re too young to be taken to the juvenile detention center.

“If they were old enough, they’d be booked into the jail and charged with a measure 11 robbery one, which would land them 90 months in prison. They’re too young for that. They’re too young to even be taken to jdh. They’re not set up at the juvenile justice center to be able to handle an 11 and a 7 year old.”

That is unsettling for Garrett, who says she doesn’t see how something like this could ever happen.

During the KATU broadcast, one of the boys emerges and walks right over to the reporter who asked to talk his parents because he was underage.

Photo from VIDEO coverage: http://www.katu.com/news/local/Police-Boys-11-and-7-try-to-rob-Portland-woman-at-gunpoint-182742211.html?tab=video&c=y

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