Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Traits of the best family lawyers in Sydney

The fallout of a relationship breakdown can have far reaching implications in both the inter-personal and legal areas of people’s lives. Former partners who are in dispute may seek mediation or litigation through the services of family lawyers in Sydney.

As this is such a busy area of the law, there are many solicitors who specialise in helping clients when it comes to issues of divorce, property settlement, child custody and more. For those seeking the best family lawyers in Sydney, there are a few key traits they should be looking out for before making their selection.

Let’s take a look at some of the top traits in the best family and divorce lawyers in Sydney.

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They’re highly experienced

Because issues relating to relationship breakdowns are all too common, solicitors who specialise in this area tend to build great portfolios of experience. The best family lawyers in Sydney will have practised this area of law for decades as a minimum.

This gives them a huge range of expertise to draw on from hundreds of similar cases they have dealt with. This gives them, and you, the confidence to make certain legal gestures and carry out certain decisions because there’s a great deal of past experience to colour your choices.

Their experience will also save you time, and money as there will be less of either wasted when you have someone who knows the optimal way to do things. A good solicitor will know how to streamline the process so that working with them is as seamless as possible.

They’re accredited

Despite being qualified solicitors, the best family lawyers in Sydney should also have special accreditations that support their skillset. Solicitors gain accreditations that endorse their skills in special legal exercises, such as alternative dispute resolution.

These accreditations, especially for negotiation-related skills, are incredibly useful in issues of property settlement and child custody. As the court will prefer parties to settle out-of-court, solicitors will usually advise their clients on how to get a favourable deal without needing to let a court arbitrate.

The better the solicitor is at negotiation, the less time you will need to spend in lengthy court hearings and waiting in-between them. Remember that your ex-partner will likely also have their own family lawyer in Sydney.

They’re friendly and approachable

The best family lawyers in Sydney should also be highly personable people who can easily empathise with what you’re going through. While they’re not meant to be qualified emotional counsellors, most good solicitors will be able to use their people skills to help their clients see a clear path forward.

Because there are often many emotional issues tied up in this area of law, clients aren’t always in the best states of mind all the way through the process. When someone has their assets and access to their children potentially jeopardised, it’s understandable that this is a time of intense stress and uncertainty for them.

The most skilled family lawyers in Sydney understand the full length and breadth of the related issues, and while no two cases are identical, they will have likely encountered a similar situation to yours before. They would have seen people who thought they were doomed initially but ended up seeing hope because of the advice they have been given.

They’re easy to work with

The idea of an ‘easy to work with’ solicitor will depend on your own personal values and the severity of your case. The most hands-on, involved family lawyers in Sydney may cost more than those who outsource some of their work to legal aids.

Most importantly, they should be easy to correspond with and get answers from. Ideally, they won’t charge absurd extra fees for follow-up correspondence or extra bits of paperwork.

Author: Colin Steinway

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