Published On: Fri, Dec 28th, 2012

Top Weird Stories of 2012

Weird stories of 2012…where to begin?

Bizarre mugshots, disturbing behavior, disgusting behavior, or just insane or odd crime stories, 2012 had it all and then some. No list could do justice to the head-shaking or gasps generated by the Weird News of 2012.

Patricia-Krentcil-tan-woman-mugshotTANNING MOM

Patricia Krentcil turned heads and caused some eyebrows to raise as she made headlines in May when she was arrested for taking her 5-year-old to the tanning salon.

Her leathery and orange flesh contradicted her insistence that the she was NOT addicted to tanning which led to more skepticism that her daughter’s sunburn was from playing outside and not from the trip to the salon with mommy.

bat mummy found in cereal photoWEIRD FOOD STORIES

2012 has it’s share of odd food offerings: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae, KFC rolled out a Mac and Cheese bites and a 7-11 in Singapore introduced the Mashed Potato dispenser.

The strangest moment probably came from Germany when a man opened and poured a bowl of cereal (box of Mini-Zimties cereal) to discover a mummified bat.

Fully intact, the photo made folks look first before diving into that bowl of Lucky Charms.


A fight over pork chops leads to murder, a man steals a car to survive the zombie apocalypse, a woman was shopping naked in a hardware store – readers were all relieved to hear that alcohol was involved because had it not….well, it would be even more disturbing.

However, the naked man in Texas on a unicycle….no liquor in that one, he’s just “enjoyed the feeling of naked cycling”

MUGSHOT OF THE YEAR(click the photo to go the complete story)

(click the photo to go the complete story)


Photo: road crew paints over dead animal on highway photo and story


Russell Christopher Hofstad was found inside of a Phoenix warehouse with his face painted and a cat’s tail and intestines around his neck, which he confessed to eating.


TIME Magazine’s breastfeeding toddler story was only trumped by the cover photo.

Maybe if Newsweek would have followed TIME’s lead, they wouldn’t be Internet only now…(read more here)



Missing head of famous outlaw Ned Kelly found in witch’s cupboard

Dead bodies, a missing skull, witches, and decades of history…this story had a little something for everyone and seemed like something from a CSI episode and not the news.

Story: The head of notorious outlaw Ned Kelly, or the skull in this case, was found in the cupboard of a New Zealand witch. The witch has had the story for over 30 years – “It has been in the family” for that long.

Check out the entire story here


Looking ahead to 2013 may have many discouraged, frustrated or worried, but Weird News will continue to provide a great, and somewhat disturbing, distraction from the world around us.

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