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Top Reasons Why Business Line of Credit is a Good Option for your Business

A business line of credit is a flexible form of business financing that you or your business can access from banks and financial institutions. It is the flexibility that sets this kind of credit apart from regular business loans. In addition, there is a limit to how much you can access and repay. There is a limit to the amount of money you can borrow, for which you will pay an interest. This form of financing is generally a lower-risk source of funds compared to credit card loans.

Is it the best deal possible?

It is obvious that there are numerous options of financing on offer by different institutions, from traditional fixed loans to variable-rate loans, payday lenders, credits cards and even pawnshops among others. However, are they the best? Well, Florida business lines of credit are one of the less used options yet it is the best deal you can find.

It is particularly handy when you want to meet your working capital needs or take advantage of strategic investment opportunities. Interestingly, banks do not advertise this channel as much while borrowers don’t ask for it.

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When to Use line of Credit

A line of credit takes care of the fact that banks are not keen on underwriting personal loans, especially unsecured loans. It also addresses the issue of having you borrow loans every month or two to repay and stay in the cycle.

How is this a solution? Well, lines of credit make the amount of money you need available. Even then, you need to know that this form of financing is not suitable when you are looking to make one-time purchases like cars and houses as these can be covered by car loans and mortgages.

You may want to argue, how about individual lines of credit? Well, these too are intended for a specific purpose as the business lines of credit. This could be smoothing out vagaries of variable monthly income against the expenses or financing projects where you are unable to ascertain the amount of money you need.

The Problems with Lines of Credit

Just like other forms of financing, lines of credit may be dangerous or useful. Investors who tap into lines of credit must be sure to pay back as per the terms of credit. Secondly, you must be subjected to a credit evaluation process and it may therefore be harder for you to receive the funds if you have a poor credit history.

The other major thing to note with the lines of credit is that it is not free money. That is, while lines of credit that are not tied to equity are cheaper than loans secured from payday lenders or pawnshops, they are certainly more expensive when compared to traditional secured loans like mortgages and auto loans.

Some banks may charge you a maintenance fee and interest is charged as soon as money is borrowed.

Overall, since lines of credit may be drawn and repaid on an unscheduled basis, you may find the calculations or interest rates complicated and might just be surprised at the amount you will end up paying in interest.


Jessica Robin is a financial advisor on lines of credit. She has worked with small business owners for more than a decade. You can contact her with any question on Florida business lines of credit anytime.



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