Published On: Thu, Oct 8th, 2015

Top Four Things To Consider When Starting A Small Business

There are probably millions of things a perfect person might consider before starting a new business, but you’re just human.  There are only a certain amount of things that are possible to consider in your normal brain.  The key is to narrow down the things that are most important when beginning a new journey like starting a new business.  If you’re the type of leader that needs a clear cut plan laid out before you can make an educated decision, then here are a few of the key things you should consider when starting your new small business.

Own the name

You definitely want to make sure you CAN own the name of your company before you choose to concretely integrate that name as a permanent label for your company.  It’s really easy to do a search for trademark names online.  Just use the US Patent & Trademark Office’s web page.  They will provide you with all the information you will need.  If you don’t make sure all of your legal bases are covered when naming your organization, you could run into some very hairy legal problems.  So make sure to be aware, and do your research with every decision you make.

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Clearly define your audience

If you try to target your marketing efforts towards everyone, then you should just pack up your proverbial things and leave the business world before you really experience failure.  You have to narrow your audience down, and target a certain type of buyer.  Conduct several different methods of testing.  Be unconventional, and make certain that you have found the best possible target audience for your product or service.  If you’re diligent and correct at finding that perfect audience, you will benefit from recommendations and benefit observation sales.

Be clear about your “why”

If you’re dead set on starting a new business, then you need to be able to clearly define your reason.  Why does the world need your product or service?  What makes you any different than any other business that provides the same product or service as your company does?  Does any other company provides the same service or product as your newly founded company?  What are you trying to do with your business?  It’s extremely pertinent to the success of your endeavour that you are clear about your mission and reason for embarking on this journey.

Nurture your E-presence

The internet has way more influence on the world than anyone truly wants to give credit for.  You HAVE to have a strong virtual presence to be a hugely successful business.  It’s wise to invest in whatever it takes to build a strong web presence.  Your home site should be easily accessible and navigationally convenient.  Just as your physical office space search should entail customer convenience, so should any e-presence that you develop.

Guest Author: Lolita Di


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