Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018

Top Academic Writing Tools That Every Student Should Know About

Regardless of what your majors and field of specialization are, there is little chance for you to escape the daunting task of writing term reports, thesis and academic papers. It is one of those mentally taxing, yet an essential educational requirement that stresses most students. This is because not only they are time-consuming to write as one needs to provide reliable information and coherent content backed by reliable references, they also need to follow a standard structure and format.

Those who have weaker writing skills find themselves in an added mess. Things get even more troublesome when you are required to write research papers that involve a plethora of journals to be studied, references to be filtered out and cited and organization of content. Fortunately, the educational and learning technologies have become advanced enough to make writing less stressful for students. By using some Artificial Intelligence-based technological platforms, students dealing with academic writing can ease off their pressure by at least 50 percent, here are some of the critical tech tools that anyone writing papers should know about.

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Mendeley is one of the most revolutionary additions to the world of academic technologies. It allows you to generate your unique library of research journals and research papers for your use. The application will enable you to highlight, filter and organize content and even place sticky notes for your reminders or references. Moreover, the software helps with generating references and citations according to relevant referencing styles. Mendeley supports collaborative working and information sharing, which makes it an excellent tool for those working on teams or groups. It will allow all the team members to share their data in one place and will help to organize and to structure it logically.


EssayBot is an excellent tool that works well both short essays and longer papers. It is an excellent tool for those who struggle with language and grammatical skills. This tool helps to collect information from the internet and paraphrases it in structurally correct sentences. The tool also helps with generating references and citations.


For those who prefer writing their essays and papers on their own but grammar remains their weak link, Grammarly is an excellent assistant. The tool allows you to upload your word document or paste your text into the text editor. Next, it proofreads and corrects your documents for grammar, spellings, and sentence structures and also offers suggestions to replace repeated words with alternatives and longer phrases with shorter ones to make your essay look crisp.


Formatically is a tool for those who struggle with formatting their essays according to standard essay format. The device not only helps you formatting your paper in proper sections from your cover page to your bibliography but also helps to format your references and citations as per standard formatting styles.

Turn it in

One of the most critical aspects of any academic paper or essay is to ensure its originality; it is essential to prove that your article is your creation and is not ripped off or copied from elsewhere. Turn it in is one of the most extensive databases of academic works and the most credible tool for scanning scholarly works against plagiarism. It generates a plagiarism reports that highlight the text in your document that is detected as plagiarized. You can delete or paraphrase that area to ensure originality if your work.

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