Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Top 5 Things to do before Heading out on Your Vacation

Everyone loves to go on vacation and if you plan it right, it can be a great experience. In the middle of the packing, planning, and excitement of getting away, there are a few things you need to not forget to do before you go. Going on vacation means doing quite a bit of prep work as well. For a few of the things you need to do before heading out on your vacation, read on below.

photo/ William Iven via Pixabay

Have a Reliable Security Monitoring System

In today’s increasingly chaotic world, a reliable security monitoring system from ADT in Miami is the best way to protect your home when you are on vacation. Since you live in Miami, you probably won’t be vacationing there, so be sure to let ADT know that you will be out of the area, so they can monitor your home safely and closely.

Put Your Mail on Hold

Mail piling up in your hallway or in your mailbox is a clear sign to intruders that you are away from home for an extended time. Make sure to contact your post office, so that they put a hold on your mail until you return. Holding your mail is not only important because of potential intruders, it’s important because you don’t want your mail stolen out of your mailbox while you’re away as well.

Leave Your Keys with Family or Friends

It’s also a good idea to leave a key to your house with family or friends that you trust, so they can get into the home if they need too. Having a trustworthy neighbor check on things for you while you’re away is a very good idea as well.

Set Your Lights on a Timer

The last thing you want is for people to know you aren’t home for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s a good idea to set your lights on a timer before you leave. Set them to come on at night of course, but it’s also a good idea to have TVs and things set to come on at certain times of the day so that it looks like someone is home.

Clean the Fridge and Take Out the Trash

One of the last things you should do before you walk out the door with your family to enjoy your annual vacation is clean your fridge and take out the trash. No one wants to come home to molded food in the fridge and a stinky house from the trash they forgot to take out before they left.

These are just a few of the things that you need to take care of before you and your family set out on vacation. From having a company monitor your home for you and a good security system to cleaning out the fridge and taking out the trash, following these tips will ensure that your vacation is happy, relaxing, and goes off without a hitch. Happy Travels Everyone!

Author: Jimmy Simond

photo Ged Carroll

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