Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2018

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging the Garbage Can

How many times have you come home to find your dog sniffing up the trash can or worse, has littered the house with everything that was in the trash can? Apparently, you can’t do much about it because you let it go when they made their innocent puppy faces and you couldn’t even raise your voice. It’s not only about preventing the mess created by this act but it is also about your pet’s health. There could be so many toxic items in the trash can which when consumed might make your dog very sick. There are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen and here are few tips to help you do that.

photo/ Alexandr Ivanov


  • Keep the Trash Away from Reach


This is one of the easiest things you could do to keep your dog from nagging in the trash can from time to time. Now, never underestimate your dog and keep it in a place your canine is familiar with. They are smart enough to open simple latches and cupboards so be careful about it. You could use simple yet tricky latches to shut the doors of the cupboards or even rooms where your trash can is present if possible to avoid your dog even getting in there. You can also place the cans in other rooms at a higher altitude to avoid your dog reaching it.


  • Get Sophisticated Trash Cans


The first tip might fall short sometimes and if you are one of those who has tried that but didn’t have much luck, don’t be disheartened as that isn’t the only way. You are aware of the step trash can, aren’t you? Well if you think that is an ideal dog proof trash can which your dog cannot interpret, you are wrong. You need something more than that. Look for something with a tight lid which doesn’t open up when tumbled and you are good to go.


  • Make Your Trash Can Undesirable


If you think this is about making your trash can ugly it is certainly not. That would hardly help. It is about making it undesirable in a way which might slightly scare them away from it. You can place motion-activated devices that will make a pop sound or place a mat near the can which imparts a low shock when stepped on. These might be really helpful to keep your dog away from the trash can while you are away. These do not cause any kind of physical injury to your pet and makes sure they keep away from where they shouldn’t be.


  • Keep Your Pet Well Fed and Engaged


Your dog is definitely less likely to linger around the trash can if they are well fed and do not find the urge to cuddle up with the trash can to find something exciting. High fibre foods will keep them full for a longer period of time. Another reason they find themselves mingling up with garbage is that they are bored when you aren’t around. Leave them toys and activities to keep them busy while you are away. This is likely to show better results than most other tips because providing them with everything they might need will suffice to keep them limited to their comfort zone and not wander around in search of excitement.


  • Catch Them Red-Handed and Training


This is an ‘oops’ moment for your dog but a win for you. Scolding them for it when they are not in the act is not of much use as they might not even realise what you are angry for. Try to catch them in the act and scolding them then will make them realise the wrong they have done. However, for when you are way, devices to detect and make some kind of a sound is as good as catching them. Make sure it is not very loud as that might scare your dog to a greater undesired extent. Trained dogs are unlikely to exhibit this kind of behaviour.

These tips would help you keep your dog away from trash cans and away from danger. Safety of your pets when you are not around is important and you need to make sure you do not fall behind in it.

Author: Himanshu Agarwal

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