Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2019

Tips to Have a Powerful and Convincing Business Presentation

Presenting an idea to a lot of people is not easy. Some of them might buy into what you are presenting while others might be somewhat skeptical. You need to prepare well for a presentation and win over people who might doubt the ideas you put forward. These are some tips to help you succeed in your presentation.

Arrive early

You need to feel the environment to prepare for it. You do not want to enter the room when everyone else is already there. You also want to talk to the people entering the place and get to know them. You will catch their attention as you start the presentation when you have already established a positive relationship with them.

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Set goals

What do you wish to achieve during the presentation? Do you want people to change their minds regarding your previous plan? Do you want them to come up with ideas to supplement your plan? You need to lay things out clearly before you start the presentation to guide people as they start listening to you.

Use the right materials

Even if you are charming and charismatic, these qualities are not enough to sustain the attention of the people listening to you. Having the necessary tools for the presentation is crucial. You might need to distribute flyers and handouts to help you while you are discussing things. The people attending the meeting can also keep the said documents. You might also want to project your presentation on a screen. You can use a TV mount so that everyone in the room can see the information. Select the data to project and avoid including everything. You can easily display important data by creating a custom data visualization map which will greatly help your audience understand your presentation.

Start by asking questions

You want the presentation to be interactive. It helps if you pose questions to everyone in the room. As you start talking, they will reflect on these questions. They might also use the question to guide them as they listen to some key points from your presentation. You want a mind-boggling question that could capture people’s attention and keep them awake until the end.

Do not be afraid to stir up controversy

You might be afraid to say something controversial as you start your presentation. You do not want to earn the ire of everyone in the room. However, some of the modern developments available today began as controversial ideas. As long as you do not offend anyone, you can come up with a controversial statement that is thought-provoking.

Throw out questions

The people in the room might be ready with questions for you. They might not expect that you are going to do the same thing. Therefore, you need to prepare questions to test if they listened to you. Their responses could also elevate the level of discussion. Besides, if no one asks questions when you give them the chance to do so, you can start with a few of your own.

Try these tips and you can be sure that you will keep the attention of the people you are presenting to.

Author: Oliver Samson

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