Published On: Mon, Jan 15th, 2018

Tips For Surviving Your First (and Hopefully Last) Trip to Jail

Life is extremely difficult sometimes and while that doesn’t excuse any bad choices we make, it does help explain some of them. However, occasionally the choice we decide to make is worse than the usual bad day decision. It’s the kind of decision that could land you in jail.

Whether you choose to have a hit off the joint of a friend to chill out or go nuts and decide to rob a store, our bad choices do eventually catch up with us. If you should happen to find yourself in jail for the first time, here are a few things to keep in mind.  

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Don’t Panic

Ok. So, you have had it. You can’t pay the bills, your husband/wife has lost his/her mind, the kids are whining AGAIN, and you have had a total of four hours of sleep over a three day period. You need a way to chill out. You choose to by lighting up a blunt.

As popular of a retreat that smoking marijuana is, it is still illegal, but you thought you would hit it a few times on the way home from work. You got caught and now you are on your way to jail for the first time ever. Don’t panic. This is a scary situation indeed. In all of three minutes, your perfect record is ruined, your reputation tarnished, and your spouse is not going to be happy.

This is not to mention the explanation you’re going to have to deliver to your kids. However, panicking will only make things worse. Like any difficult situation, the only way you are going to navigate your way out in the shortest amount of time is to keep your head on straight.


Next, you will need to call upon the mature father/mother figure that you are and cooperate with the police. They will ask you a few questions. Believe it or not, being honest WILL help you. Tell the truth. Make sure to honor your authorities with the utmost respect.

They are there to keep you and those around safe. The only reason you are in this mess is that you decided to something that wasn’t safe for you. Own your mistake. Do everything that you are asked to do. When you appear before a judge, he/she will take into consideration your level of cooperation.

Make Bail

For a first time offender, you may get lucky and only be fined and then let go. However, if the authorities decide to keep you, in most cases, a bail will be set. There are a few types of bails that could get you out of jail. The first and most popular is a set monetary value.

In this case, you pay a set amount of money in order to walk free until your court date. If you don’t have it, a friend or family member is welcome to provide it. With this in mind, don’t forget that if you decide to ditch your court date, whoever paid the bail will not get that money back.

There is also the signature and property bond. Whichever you find yourself in need of, there are places that can walk you through the process. They will help you figure out what you need, walk you through, and do it discreetly.

Hopefully, you will never have to endure the humiliating experience of going to jail, but if you choose to break ground in this arena, make sure to follow the tips above.

Author: Anna Johansson

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