Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Tipping the Movers: Think Wise and Pay Smart

Are you moving from one house to the other? If yes, then there’s a lot you need to do. Local shifting brings about its challenges. You need to sieve through multiple questions in your mind. Additionally, many uncertainties can come up as you negotiate with a local storage mover service provider. The best decision undoubtedly is to reach out to an expert service provider. That is not all! There still are a few questions that bother people. One is the subject of tipping. People usually are uncomfortable to address their queries and thoughts surrounding this subject.

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Tipping your local movers

So, the million-dollar question is – should you be tipping your local movers? And also, how much of tip should you finalize? The answer to the first question comes without any hiccups. Most people are used to tip for the services they use. The second question is the one where you need to put your thinking caps on.

As based on the amount you decide to tip, you cut an impression. And as a customer, you sure don’t want to appear as someone “cheap” by tipping an amount that seems inappropriate for the service provided. Similarly, you don’t also want to over-tip and pay extra than what you should in reality. And it’s perfect to take care of every dollar that you spend.

The decision-making process

Wondering how to arrive at a decision? It’s simple! Once you have opted-in for a movers and packers service locally, evaluate their function based on the following questions. It will help you decide how much you should tip. Estimate the services provided with regards to what a decent service provider like https://goodtimemovingandstorage.com/ and others would offer.

Judge your movers and packers based on:

  • Whether they arrived at the mentioned time?
  • Were the hired professionals co-operative, amicable? Were they disrespectful or rude? Take note of both.
  • Whether they managed the entire storage shifting process from one locality to the other in an organized manner?
  • Did the workers take good care of your possessions? Were their goods handling up to the mark? Would you recommend this company to your friends and family?
  • Have they done what is essential to steer clear of all kinds of property damage?
  • Were the workers committed to working right from start to finish?
  • And would you be willing to use their service if you need the same again in future?

How much should you tip your movers?

The answer to this depends on your judgment and experience. Are you delighted with the service? Has there been any accidental property damage? Did the staff follow the necessary formalities? Mull over these questions and tip based on what you feel is correct. You can either:

  • Give bigger tips if your service provider has done an excellent job. It will encourage them to keep up their best initiatives.
  • Give the standard tips as most people do. Some people don’t want to spend extra when tipping a movers and packers service provider. So, it’s a smart call to spend judiciously.

However, if you provide no tips at all, it reflects poorly on you as a customer. But just in case you’ve had an unfavorable experience where your belongings got damaged, and staff behaved unprofessionally, you can decide not to tip. So now that you are aware of these perspectives, you can choose best for yourself.

Author: Charlie Brown

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