Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

The Smart Home Experience

Some years ago the idea of smart homes was introduced, and it was widely applauded by so many willing investors. Now, these homes are here. Living in smart homes is a wonderful experience, potential owners and fans can visit showrooms to have an experience of the various smart home features before purchase. The use of technology in these homes has increased areas such as functionality and comfort by incorporating automated systems to carry out different tasks. Smart homes have been described as settings where everything is connected and controlled through buttons, commands, gestures, etc.

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Waking up in the morning

The features of smart homes make it easier to wake up in the morning to start the beginning of a bright and productive day. These features will be helpful to people who have had a long and busy night or others who just find it quite difficult to start the day properly. The Creston automated homes have a ‘hit and wake’ scene button that operates roller blades which shade the windows letting in daylight. As this happens, the lighting in the room will be increased to a comfortable level to help you ‘shake off the sleepy spells.

There are other additional features such as pre-setting your favorite music to play in the morning, the mirror TV feature which helps you stay updated with the morning breakfast TV news. The entire home is connected by innovative technology through a seamless platform. Companies such as Custom Controls are experts in creating and installing these features associated with the special Crestron design; the package includes programming and installation of the automated systems to add smart features in the home.

What happens when no one is in the home?

Leaving your smart home every morning is easier with the ‘good morning’ wake up the system. After a quick breakfast, heading out should be easy; all you need to do it use the ‘away’ button. The lights will be turned off and all window shades closed. You can be certain that energy consumption will be minimal at this point because the all gadgets such as washing machine, lighting, music players, TV, and others will be shut down. The security alarms will be activated, and if necessary, the thermostat will be automatically adjusted to save energy. During a trip to a foreign country, you can control your smart home remotely. The system can be programmed to send you text messages and emails as alerts if there is an emergency or a burglary attempt. You will also be able to view the surveillance footage in real-time on the screen of your smartphones.

Quality family time

After a long week, you can take a break from working to spend good time with family and friends. Schedule movie nights and select your movies with just one touch of the buttons. The smart system will adjust the lighting to create the perfect setting for viewing movies. Controlling the entertainment system can be done using a remote control or touchscreen controls. These controls can perform additional functions such as adjusting the window shades, locking the doors, arming the security system, etc.

Night Time

Night time in smart homes is a pleasant experience. With your connected devices, you can play soft music, adjust the lighting to read a book or turn off all lights to save power. If you wake up in the middle of the night, motion sensors will create a lit path to guide you around the home without turning on the light.

In smart homes, the different functions can be scheduled to work at the same time or in an orchestrated manner to suit your lifestyle. It is an easy way to live, using controls on your smartphone or other devices to control your home while reclining on a sofa. It is truly the automated lifestyle.

Author: Maria Andreas

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