Published On: Tue, May 26th, 2015

The Science of Compression Gear for Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts

The concept of regularly wearing compression clothing is relatively new for the average person. Years ago, doctors prescribed compression garments to patients experiencing vein disorders to help alleviate pain and discomfort, assist with circulation, and increase oxygen flow. Today, however, the popularity of wearing compression clothing has increased tremendously, especially for professional athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts.

Why Wear Compression Clothing?

To understand why countless athletes choose to wear compression clothing when competing, it is first important to understand what compression clothing is. To put it simply, compression clothing is made from engineered elastic compression fabric that is worn on specific body parts.

It’s tight, but comfortable, and fits around your legs, torso, feet, etc. while exercising or while you’re at rest. The clothing is designed to allow more blood to flow back to your heart, and help eliminate extraneous energy that would normally be spent while exercising. Moreover, the compression clothing manufacturer Therafirm says that “gradient pressure promotes better circulation to help control swelling.”

Wearing compression clothing can lead to an increase flow of oxygen to the muscles, especially those being trained or heavily worked. This allows for less discomfort, and a possible reduction in blood-lactate levels after the workout.

Another potential benefit of wearing compression workout clothes is less muscle damage. Injuries to muscles usually cause a drastic reduction in the duration and intensity of a workout, which leads to poorer results. Possibly preventing or even eliminating the worry of injury is a great argument for wearing these clothes. If, however, an injury is sustained, the garments, as designed, are medically intended to speed up the recovery time.

photo Jeffrey Beall via wikimedia commons

photo Jeffrey Beall via wikimedia commons

Compression Clothing Leads to Increased Performance

While compression clothing has shown to be positive for physical purposes, scientists have recently begun studying the effects of wearing compression clothing for performance purposes. All athletes want to dominate the competition in their chosen sport. Their performances need to be consistently optimal to achieve results. Studies have been conducted on the amount of power athletes are able to exert during competitions.

Preliminary observations have stated that wearing compression clothing may lead to an increase in muscle productivity and more efficient bodily movement. In one study, athletes wearing compression clothing jumped higher and produced stronger bodily movements than those not wearing the compression clothes. Therefore, it would be advantageous for athletes competing to adopt this clothing phenomenon to achieve a completely legal upper hand.

Compression Clothing Can Be Fashionable

The increased desire to wear compression clothing for athletic purposes has caused designers to up their game by producing both functional and fashionable designs consumers and professional athletes want to wear. Companies are meeting the ever increasing demand for quality, yet stylish compression garments, by spending millions of dollars marketing and establishing a brand name to maximize profits.

Moreover, gym-goers want to fit in and wear what the person on the next treadmill is wearing. The days of walking into the gym and seeing men and women exercising in baggy shorts and t-shirts are gone. Exercising in compression garments while looking great is in. This drastic shift in how a person appears while exercising has lead to an entirely new fashion channel. The clothes are stylish and trendy, yet they still provide the physical benefits these garments are designed to achieve.

Whether you are an everyday “Joe” trying to get back in shape or a professional athlete trying to win the next championship, wearing compression clothing may be your golden ticket. Of course, hard work, determination, and perseverance play a huge part, but wearing stylish compression clothing could definitely improve your image and your chances of being successful.



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