Published On: Sun, Oct 16th, 2016

The Satanic Democrats vs American Nationalism

It deals with the infiltration of the serpent, a woman, and a lie. The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by Islam, perversion, and the Globalist Agenda.  President Jr Bush began ushering in Globalism. 

President Obama ushered in Islam. Bill and Hillary Clinton began the ushering in of perversion, and it was much further advanced by Obama.  Now, Hillary Clinton wants further advance the Globalist Agenda in America, hiding a particular secret from those that would vote for her.

Why is it that the Obama administration kept pounding the idea of “gun control” after every gun shooting event? 

Don’t be fooled by such lies.  The real reason behind “gun control” rhetoric is to take guns from the people so that it will be easier to overcome them by military means when the appointed time comes.  The Global Agenda requires the people to be subordinate to the “New World Order”, which the United Nations plans to implement. 

Most of America would want to keep our national sovereignty, and would not accept being taken over by the “One World Order”, imposed by our own corrupt government.  Trying to enslave Americans wouldn’t come without a gunfight first.  That’s why the Globalists want to take away guns, so it’s not to “keep Americans safe”.  

England finally “saw the light”, and how the European Union was trying to force the infusion of Muslims into their culture, and voted to separate themselves from the EU.  The United States should also “wake up” and get out of the United Nations.

While running for President, Obama lied to the American people by saying that “he was a Christian”.  As we later found out, he is raised as a Muslim, and never was a Christian.  He believes in, and prays to, a pagan Arabian Moon god (Allah).  His oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States was a farce, because he neither believes in Yehovah, nor the Word of Yehovah.  He also said that he believed in traditional marriage, until after he got elected to office.  Even though there was voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential election, the sad thing is that there were sufficient people foolish enough (“we’ll get free stuff’) to re-elect the Muslim operative.  What did he ever do that was good or positive for America…., or Israel? 

How to Control a Nation gun ban distractions

The five things I can think of that he did for (to) America, was to weaken our military and our weaponry advantage.  He (further) perverted America with his promotion of gay marriage and “so called” GLBT rights, bringing sodomy out of the closet.  He gave Iran a boost in their nuclear weapons program.  He instigated “Obama Care”, that now makes health care much less affordable, and designed to destroy the Middle Class, and puts a $685 penalty on tax payers if they don’t have healthcare insurance.  The fraud had no business being elected in the first place. Unfortunately, there were too many blind fools, “addicted” to voting for the Democrats, and “wanting a black President”.    I was one of them, the first time.  So with the help of voter fraud, he was re-elected, so he could do more damage to America. 

Are you ready to make the same foolish mistake again? 

Hillary will do worse.

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