Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018

The race of fitness equipment expos and events: are you ready to win?

We are all aware of tech forums, trade expos and handicraft fairs, but only a handful few know about fitness trade shows and events. Yes, people! There are thousands of events across the globe dedicated to health and fitness. In fact, as of 2015, there were close to 35,000 health clubs in the USA. They generate almost 30 billion dollars in revenue from the 55 million members across the 50 states. Over time, the trend has caught on, and there are hundreds of health clubs in the UK as well.  

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Why is the popularity of fitness events growing steadily?

Many of these health clubs conduct expos and exhibitions for expanding their membership, and some of them even promote their proprietary health and fitness devices for the general public. Nonetheless, the overall zeal to remain fit and healthy has increased in the past few years. Health and fitness have transcended the boundaries of gyms and made their way into ordinary households. Apart from working out at designated areas, people are now turning their basements and old unused rooms into gyms. A considerable part of the credit goes to the fitness companies and clubs organising these retreats for the typical audience. People can participate, win and embrace fitness in a way they have never done before.

Whether it is a highly organised and managed 5K marathon, or a simple stationary bike endurance competition, fitness equipment producers have found the most effective way to promote their fitness equipment and accessories, contests have the highest returns in the current market of fitness products. However, organising these events take a lot more than ideas and money. The organisers need to think about procuring the fitness equipment for the masses at the same time. You might have to set up over a hundred exercise bikes at the same time for addressing a big crowd. There are fitness expos that cater to over 100,000 experts and enthusiasts. It provides competitions and events that include special appearances from guest celebrities and open participation from the audience.

Why is hiring the smart option for the fitness event organisers?

Buying fitness equipment as necessary for the competitions and exhibitions do not make sense especially since these events cater to a massive audience for just a couple of days. Hiring equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, power rowing machinery, and elliptical cross trainers make more sense than spending millions in purchasing them. At the same time, the varying intensity levels and resistance levels of these sets of equipment add different levels of difficulty for the fitness experts looking for a new challenge and the newbies looking for fresh motivation. Hiring fitness equipment and accessory by the day is both economically feasible and profitable for the organisers of these events.

The current event market is currently calling for versatile equipment hiring services that cater to varying levels of health and fitness aware crowds. You can be a celebrity fitness guide or a new fitness enthusiast, but you can explore the goodness of exercise in a fun and motivating way along with similar minded people at these expos. That is one of the most significant reasons most people love these exhibitions and participate time and again. These events encourage people to join in exercise-based health.

How are corporations leaning towards fitness expos and promotions?

Today, there are many companies around the world, who raise funds for multiple causes via fitness events. They inspire enthusiasm for daily workout among their employees. Utilising the rental services of commercial equipment suppliers, who have tackled high attendance events before has its unique advantages. There is no need to contact and coordinate with multiple fitness centres for sourcing fitness equipment for the event. You should check out Hire Fitness equipment for events. they have enough variants to satisfy the necessity of any high-profile promotional event on fitness and exercise. With an experienced rental supply, you get the one-stop solution for all your event organisation needs.

Why should you work with fitness equipment renting company?

Short-term hiring solutions are scarce in the country especially in the sphere of health and fitness. When the time comes for a fundraiser or promotional event, companies need the event fitness equipment suppliers’ numbers on speed dial. These rental services provide the machinery on the premises on the day of the event and take complete care of their transportation and instalment needs. They take care of the lion’s share of the event management’s headache during fitness exhibitions and meets. Apart from supplying the large machinery, they even provide the accessories like resistance bands, dumbbells and kettle-bells for the various events throughout the day.

The national fitness equipment rental company takes care of the fine planning process including the detailed plans for your upcoming event and your company’s goals. A reliable and reputable company will always charge you a fixed rate per day of the event. Moreover, they will always have a robust presence online, and you should take a look at their social media presence, third-party business site reviews and genuine customer reviews before working with them. Check with them for a complete risk assessment of the event venue well before the beginning of the event.

The last few words

Contacting a national company is more beneficial than working with a local one. National companies have better reach and more resources as compared to the local companies. You can expect a host of different running machines, stair climbers, elliptical cross trainers and power rowing machines at your disposal for a fraction of their market price. That makes it possible for several fitness companies to organise and host multiple promotional events throughout the year, and even take their brand out of the country. Several information and technology corporations are now dabbling in fitness due to the amicable costs of these events. There is nothing better than health and fitness related news about a company for generating some positive publicity. These emerging fitness equipment hiring companies are finally making it possible for the smaller start-ups and new indie businesses to take part in the fitness expos and 5k marathons with their employees and target customers as well.

Author: Charlie Brown

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