Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2018

The Explosive Popularity of Yoga and Meditation in the US

With public awareness for healthy living at an all time high in the US, it’s unsurprising that yoga and meditation continue to gain more followers. This is according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yoga and meditation are known for their abilities to ease stress and promote relaxation. Believed to have originated in the Hindu faith, but practiced around the globe, yoga and mindfulness meditation are also helpful in pain management.

Meditation uses deep relaxation techniques to bring about increased mental awareness and to also put one in touch with one’s inner energy.

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Skyrocketing Popularity

Just last year – 2017 – more than 14% of adults in the United States were practicing yoga – up from 9.5% in 2012, with the number of meditation practitioners having more than tripled.

Yoga is practised by people of all ages and levels of fitness, so it isn’t surprising that even kids are taking it up as a means to de-stress. Just in 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 8% of 4 to 17-year-olds had practiced yoga during the year and that this was up more than 3% since 2012.

Gender and Race Gap

Girls are still gravitating more towards yoga than boys, and while about 17% of White adults practiced yoga, there were about 9% of African-American adults taking part as well as 8% of Hispanic or Spanish speaking adults. As with yoga, there were also slightly more Whites participating in meditation than African-American- and Hispanic adults.

Most yoga users believe that yoga is good for maintaining health and well-being while a smaller percentage uses it to actually treat a specific medical condition. It’s a form of both physical and mental exercise, firming the body and focusing the mind. People are freed from all those troubling, distracting thoughts, teaching the mind to be concentrating on the moment.

Beyond the Yoga Studios

Yoga and meditation are becoming so popular in the USA that teachers are adding both treatments into their classrooms. Companies too are providing their employees with subscriptions. The Center also reported that there is an increase, albeit a bit smaller one, in the use of chiropractors in America, climbing from just over 9% in 2012 to 10.3% in 2017. This is a manipulative technique to correct the alignment of the spinal column.

When the vertebrae aren’t aligned, they restrict the nerves and prevent the nerve messages from passing through the body. This can affect the surrounding muscles, nerves and ligaments as well as the normal biochemical functioning of the body. Chiropractors treat disorders associated with the nerves, bones, muscles and joints of the body.

Meditation apps such as Headspace provide guided meditations between 5 and 20 minutes on health motivation, sleep and more. A subscription fee allows for unlimited access to every meditation, but there is also a free option of its foundation meditation course ‘Take 10’.

Confident of Their Health Benefits

Three out of four Americans believe that yoga is good for them, and medical science seems to confirms this is true. A number of studies show that yoga can help improve your overall quality of life, reducing stress, alleviating back pain and helping you feel positive about both physical and mental wellbeing. It is especially popular with people who cannot perform regular exercise due to old age or those suffering from low mobility.

The aim of yoga and meditation is to simply and naturally empower all people to take responsibility for their own lives and to treat themselves so that they can attempt to restore perfect health and mental balance.

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