Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

‘The Crow’ is not a remake says James O’Barr, ‘last chance to get it right’

Comic book creator James O’Barr was asked about the upcoming reboot or sequel in The Crow franchise, so he had to set the record straight.

Brandon Lee as The Crow movie photo“It’s going to be a straight adaptation of the book. It’s not going to be a remake of the Brandon Lee film,” O’Barr told Comic Book Therapy about the new film.

“I think that’s the most important thing people need to know. We’re not remaking the Brandon Lee film, we’re going right back to the source material.”

He wasn’t done explaining the difference.

“It’s the difference between the Bela Lugosi Dracula and the Francis Ford Coppola Dracula. Two completely different films even though they’re both based on the same source material.”

The Crow will star Luke Evans and O’Barr attempted to assure fans that he will make a great Eric Draven.

“He’s a really fine actor. Even without the make-up he’s got a sense of tragedy about him. In the make-up he looks phenomenal. I saw make-up tests with dozens of other actors and none of them looked like right for the part. In fact, I picked him and I didn’t even know who it was. I was just looking through the photographs. When they told me who it was, I thought “Yeah, I’ve seen him in other films.” Then he came over from England to talk to me because he wanted my blessing before he would accept the part. He just felt right for it. He’s been working for six months, growing his hair out.”

Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman in HobbitEvans is really committed to the role.

“He’s doing whatever the role needs. If he needs to lose 40 pounds, if he needs to gain weight, that’s what he’ll do. Whatever he needs to do. He was telling me all of these films he was in, and I’m like “I saw that. I didn’t see you in that!” He’s just one of those actors. He’s like Tom Hardy where he just becomes the part and you don’t even realize it’s the same actor if you’re not overly familiar with his voice.”

O’Barr concludes by stating that the studio is backing the film and he is pleased.

“The studio is giving them enough money to do it right. So far it hasn’t been a real struggle with them like it normally is. I think they kind of realize this is their last chance to get it right and maybe save the franchise as it were.”

Check out the full interview HERE

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    […] 'The Crow' is not a remake says James O'Barr, 'last chance to get it right' The Global Dispatch The Crow will star Luke Evans and O'Barr attempted to assure fans that he will make a great Eric Draven.  […]

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