Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

The Best Ways to Interact with Customers

Interacting with your customers is an effective means of collecting feedback and building a rapport with your target market. Your product can be faultless, but you may still find reviews average or sales low. This could be down to poor customer service or because your online visibility is redundant and non-existent. Businesses should embrace the power of customer interaction. Not only does it improve your business’s digital presence but it also build authority and trustworthiness. However, in a world where there’s an abundance of technology, how can you cut through the noise and find the best technology for your company when it comes to talking to your customers? Here are the best ways to interact with your customers.

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Conduct effective market research

Market research is a proven method of collating data from your customers. Such data can then be used to improve your business, whether it’s improving your product or service, or refining your customer service. Traditionally, focus group sessions are considered a great means of conducting market research. However, consumers are integrating modern technology, therefore, modern businesses are following suit and making use of effective online market research technology. Such technology has allowed businesses to cut costs, increase convenience, while also allowing companies to carry out effective customer interaction.

Communicate through social media

Social media has provided people with a seamless way to communicate since the conception of Facebook in the early millennium. Though it is useful in everyday life, businesses have begun to capitalize on its uses as a way of reaching out to a global consumer base. On social media, interaction starts with how you market your brand to people, but includes the invaluable feedback you will receive when a product has been released. Many companies employ people to respond to queries in the comments section of a post, or to help with any problems which may have arisen with an order. The opportunities for customer interaction are endless. Include social media widgets on your website, link your website’s blog posts to Twitter and Facebook, and reply to all comments made on your social media posts.

Take advantage of instant messaging

In a world where people are looking for instant answers to their everyday questions, both businesses are consumers are nowadays recognizing the benefits that come with interacting over instant messenger. Text messages are still a valuable tool for communicating offers, but instant messaging allows for a highly personalized customer experience, even if you are using an automated response system as your voice. Where social media advertises to those who are actively following them or checking social media on a regular basis, an instant message actively notifies a customer of deals, services, or competitions straight to their phones. Additionally, instant messaging, such as chatbots, allow queries to be answered without the wait of sending an email or being put on hold. Such quick customer interactions can be the difference between an abandoned shopping cart or having a customer complete their purchase.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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