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There are 3 main strategies that can help you be successful at SEO. These strategies include off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. By business and website owners using the above strategies, they are able to organize themselves well and properly execute their optimization plans.

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Below are reviews of these three SEO strategies and a description of how crucial they are in SEO marketing.


These are techniques used to strengthen its relations with other websites. These are strategies used to build the authority and relevance of a website, making it an ideal choice in search engines.

One of the most common off-site SEO strategies is the use of backlinks. Safari SEO Marketing explains that when search engines notice a number of backlinks that lead to your site are from reliable sources, they will automatically view your website as an authority, thus increasing its rankings.

There are also cases where a website has broken inbound links. Having these links repaired will further enhance effective link building.

Apart from backlinks, you could also look for opportunities to be a guest author in one of these authority websites.


These are SEO strategies that are directly linked to the content you have on your website. These are strategies that help search engines recognize that the contents of your web page are valuable, recommending it to users whenever they are searching for related content. Some of these strategies include:-

  • Keyword search: Here is where you use keywords to target specific content on your website.
  • Keyword optimization: Here it involves the use of specific keywords in strategic areas of your document. It also involves the use of proper meta tag SEO
  • Content creation: This involves writing or publishing content of high-quality that is keen on specific target keywords.

For successful optimization, you could use specifically designed tools to get the relevant keywords that would bring organic traffic to your website.

Another thing you could do is to get a rank tracker. A rank tracker is a software you can use to see how well or not your keywords are doing in SEO.


These are the strategies that are based on the elements of the non-content part of your website. Technical SEO is based on giving readers and users an easy time while going through or reading the website. This, in turn, makes user engagements better and increases both organic and referral traffic.

This also helps search engines be able to easily understand what your website is all about.

Some examples of technical SEO include:- mobile friendly, security, structured data among others.

To have an ultimate SEO strategy that works perfectly for your website, you cannot put all your efforts and energy on one strategy. It cannot work. You have to use all these three SEO strategies in conjunction with each other so as to achieve optimum results. This will ensure your website gets a higher ranking and has a good shot at appearing on the first page of a search engine results page.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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