Published On: Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013

Teen magazine ‘Stone Soup’ features story on homosexuality, homophobia and tolerance

A girl’s magazine titeld Stone Soup “stirred the pot” according to headlines after a story published on homosexuality and tolerance.

In an article by World Mag, the magazine was outed for the story My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer by Jennifer Gennari in which “a girl whose mother is planning a wedding with her future wife. The backward townspeople object, but in the end achieve enlightenment and embrace the lesbian couple who then marry and live, apparently, happily ever after.

The young writer of this review lets us know her own views on the issue:

“Just like in the book when Eva says, ‘We won’t keep quiet about homophobia,’ I think that people shouldn’t be afraid of homosexuality, and if they are they should talk about it so they aren’t so uncomfortable with it. I think homosexuals should get the same rights as everyone else, the right to be in the military, the right to get married, and the right to have children.”

The magazine describes themselves as “Stone Soup is the print magazine written and illustrated by young writers and artists. It is the leading publisher of creative writing by children ages 8 to 13” with a desire to reach out to home school groups.

While the article discusses the opportunity to discuss the topic with their child, the magazine may surprise some families.

The author writes: “I was appalled to find such overt propaganda in a children’s magazine, given today’s heated debate over homosexual marriage, I certainly wasn’t surprised. Our children are exposed to homosexuality in some form nearly every day—no longer is it a forbidden topic. To wit: TV Guide reports that a future episode of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie features a homosexual drama. Seeing two men kiss may shock parents today, but after seeing it a few hundred times, our children may not so much as glance up from their smartphones for such things.”

Stone Soup

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  1. Scott D' Ambrose says:

    For me tolerance of homosexuals means I recongnize them for what they are. They are people who practice perverted sexual relations. That does not mean that we should welcome them with open arms in a society of normally cultural traditions. Homosexuals have always walked among societies with traditional cultural values of the norm. They did so by keeping their sex lives a private matter and did not flaunt their sexuality as a characteric to be proud about. But the mass media, a hotbed for homosexuals, succeeded in getting their stooges and their children brainwashed by their propaganda. I say bravo for the Russian people for standing up to the fraud of the movement. Allowing publications of homosexual behavior to be viewed by children is an attribute of a sick society IMHO. Their should be a law against such businesses who prey on children.

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